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Creating more space in your holiday home with a loft conversion

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Loft conversionIf you’re after more space in your holiday home, then a loft conversion is a great idea. Whether you want an extra bedroom for visitors, or a fun playroom for younger guests, creating a special space at the top of the house will inevitably add value to your property.

Sloping ceilings and small spaces can make loft conversions feel uncomfortable and awkward to style, however it isn’t that difficult to turn a converted loft into a luxurious or fun room.

Small space to attract families

If there isn’t much space and a king size adult double bedroom isn’t an option, consider a single bed with a pull out trundle bed. This will turn the room into a child-friendly space that kids will love by day and provide room for two children to get their heads down at night. A colourful frame will look great against white walls, along with other hints of colour throughout the room. Light walls will stop the room feeling too small, whilst a splash of colour here and there will create a cool den-like room, perfect for younger guests.

See the sky

Want to bring the outside inside? One of the most common features added to loft conversions are skylights. They’ll quickly add light and air to the room, whilst blinds are also easy to add and fit if your guests don’t fancy waking with the rising summer sun.

Luxurious living

Sloping ceilings are inevitable when it comes to loft conversions, but you can easily make it into a feature that works for you and your guests. Add a touch of luxury by installing a canopy over the bed, letting the fabric fall with the ceiling on either side. This will also help add height to the room, as well as making it a light and airy space.

Clear from clutter

Loft conversions look best when they are free from excessive furniture, decorations and ornaments. Good fitted storage will allow guests to store their items, and keep the room looking clear and beautiful. Keeping the colours neutral and light will also help create a spacious and open room; great for those summer visitors.

Attract attention

If the low ceiling is all you can notice, then you’ll need to draw the eye to somewhere else in the room. Turn whatever wall space you have into an eye catching feature with attractive art or a gorgeous feature wall.  Visitors will naturally be drawn to this wall, and low ceilings will no longer be the first thing you spot.

Bright and breezy

If you’re able to, consider converting your loft into a mezzanine and let the natural light from the room below to flow up through the full length space. Whether you’re upstairs or beneath the conversion, the room will feel impressive and incredibly spacious. There may be some restrictions on your ability to do this, however, so always check with building regulations as certain ceiling heights are required for health and safety reasons.

Your holiday home insurance

Be sure to inform your holiday home insurance broker of your loft conversion plans to ensure you have the correct contract works cover in place for the project. You’ll also need to review and revise your buildings and contents sums insured once the works have been completed.

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