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Study shows growing contribution of self-catering holiday cottages to the Scottish economy

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self-catering holiday cottages scotlandRecent figures from VisitEngland have painted a pretty rosy picture of the tourism sector South of the border. So it’s encouraging that the latest indications are that this rude health also extends to self-catering holiday cottages in Scotland.

Figures provided by The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC) have highlighted the importance of the sector. Not only in terms of the amount of jobs it creates and retains, but also the amount of money that incoming visitors spend during their stay.

Let’s take a look at the headline figures from that report…

Employment and self-catering holiday cottages

Tourism has long played a central role in Scotland’s economy. That is borne out by the fact that 11% of those living in the country are employed within the sector. It is believed that there are currently more than 16,000 self-catering holiday cottages available to paying guests visiting the country. 23% of us will stay in one of these when the time comes for us to book our stay.

What do people spend their money on when in Scotland?

When you consider that 76% of self-catering bookings are made in cottages situated in rural areas it will come as no surprise that the highest levels of expenditure for visitors (outside of of the cost of their accommodation) come in travel to and from the property, as well as around Scotland during their stay.

Travel expenditure accounts for £118m each year. Whilst spending in bars, cafes and restaurants comes in at a distant second at £66.3m. However, when combined with money spent in supermarkets, and other local shopping outlets the total of this expenditure soars to more than £170m each year.

£27.8m is spent by tourists visiting Scotland’s unique tourist attractions.

Foreign visitors buck the rural trend

Whilst three quarters of the overall visitors to Scotland will stay in a rural location, it is different story when it comes to overseas stays. Edinburgh gains the majority of its tourism from our European counterparts; Dutch, German and France account for a significant proportion of all stays in the capital, further bolstered by people also making the trip from England.

For more information on this report please follow the link on this page:

For further information on the ASSC and their work with Scottish holiday homeowners please take a look here: ASSC Website  

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