dog friendly welcome information

dog friendly welcome information

The saying goes that a dog is a man’s best friend. In modern Britain they’re certainly part of the family with almost one in three households having a four legged friend. With so many of us owning a dog you’ll not be surprised to hear that around 40% of guests are seeking pet-friendly holiday home accommodation.

If you currently welcome dogs into your holiday home are you giving their owners all of the information they may need during their stay?

We take a look at what you could be including in your dog friendly welcome information folder, on your website and all communications when it comes to attracting and welcoming dog owners to your holiday home.

Dog-friendly local walks and beaches

You’ll already know that your guests will spend the vast majority of their time outside of your cottage and exploring the local area during their stay. You want them to know the very best spots to take a dog – whether that’s local beaches, local walks or even local dog-friendly attractions and venues so make sure these are listed on your website (to tempt them to book) and in your welcome pack (to ensure they’re able to make the most of the local area during their stay).

Remember that whilst our canine friends never seem to tire us humans do have our endurance limits, so consider offering tips on a range of routes and walks that will suit guests of all levels and ages.

What if it rains!

Just like us, if a dog is housebound for the day due to inclement weather they can get a little restless, which isn’t great news for the owner and definitely won’t be for your holiday home interiors.

Remember to feature things to do and places to go if the heavens open; perhaps there’re local cafes that are perfect for dogs, or undercover local attractions that will welcome them with open arms no matter what the weather.

Local pet shops

What are they going to eat? With so much to pack sometimes things get left behind or simply won’t fit in the car. Just in case the bags of dog food don’t make it to the boot of your guest’s car, make sure you let them know where they can buy food and other essentials.

Raw meats and other dietary options for dogs are becoming increasingly popular so it’s also worth giving them plenty of different options when it comes to pampering their pooch at tea time.

Local vets

Your dog friendly welcome information folder should already prominently feature emergency telephone numbers. When welcoming dogs or other pets these should definitely include the contact information of local vets. We suggest that these numbers are not just confined to the welcome pack itself; consider making them clearly visible so in times of emergency they’re always easy to find.

Dog sitters and walkers

Sometimes your guests may need a little ‘me-time’; to put down the lead, and have a few hours away from their furry friend. For these magical moments they’ll need a little support from the very best local dog sitter or walker. How about making sure their information is always on hand!

More dog-friendly welcome information for your holiday cottage:

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welcome hamper

welcome hamper

The start of any holiday is an exciting feeling; you’ve got your out of office on, you’ve packed your car and you’re on the road heading to an idyllic holiday home. First impressions are everything, so what better way to greet your guests on arrival than the smell of the contents from your sumptuous welcome hamper wafting in the air?

It’s something more and more holiday cottages are offering, so what does make a great welcome hamper? What should you be considering when carefully crafting yours?

Is it OK to include alcoholic drinks in a welcome hamper?

A welcome hamper needn’t contain alcohol, as tempting as it may seem to slip in a tipple for your guests. Before you do be aware that there are licensing implications to consider, which we covered in an earlier article that can be found here:

Know your area

It’s always important to remember that your cottage is more than just a place to stay; the local area, the restaurants, the attractions and the food and drink suppliers are all part of the ‘destination’ that draws people in.

So why not give them a slice of this? Packing your hamper with great local produce makes sense; it supports local businesses, it makes your welcome more personable and will ultimately be more special than any generic offering.

Quality not quantity

As with many things, the key to a good welcome hamper is quality not quantity. Even leaving a fresh pint of local milk in the fridge and a few tea bags near the kettle will have a positive impact on your guests after a long journey.

Know your market

Hampers are often associated with food and drink but it needn’t stop there. Who is it that stays in your holiday cottage? If you’re the finest accommodation around for families, consider including something for the children.  Whether it’s a colouring book or board game, when the rain comes (which it often will with the great British weather!) the parents will be glad of the distraction, and thanking you for not providing sugary sweets!

Understanding allergens

If you’re offering food or drink you’ll need to bear in mind that approximately 2% of the population have some sort of food allergy, so the chances are that during the course of a busy summer you’ll be welcoming someone that may be intolerant to something within your hamper.

You may have noticed in recent years that restaurants and eateries are now required to list the allergens contained within their offerings on their menus and other promotional literature.  Communication is the key here; if the cookies from the local bakery contain peanut or gluten then you need to make this clear to guests.

Whilst nut and gluten are two of the better known allergies, there are several more that are common within Britain including:

  • Cereals (which includes gluten).
  • Crustaceans, for example prawns
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Soybeans
  • Milk and other dairy produce
  • Mustard
  • Celery
  • Sesame
  • Sulphur dioxide (a food preservative sometimes found in dried fruit).

NB This list is not exhaustive and is only an indicator of some of the most commonly found allergens in the UK.

It’s important to have dialogue with your suppliers and ensure that they provide you with all of the allergen information you need to give to your guests; they shouldn’t be left in any doubt as to what’s in your hamper.

Offering your own produce

When selling a house, there’s always been an old adage that the smell of home baked bread in the air as potential buyers walk through is a sure fire way to seal the sale. So how about adding that feel to your holiday home with some freshly baked scones?

If you’ve got the time and the culinary skills to cut the mustard, you’ll need to adhere to all food hygiene requirements – you can find an outline of those in our previous article:

Insurance implications

To avoid gaps in cover ensure that your holiday home insurance includes both public and products liability. Check that your policy includes cover which extends to holiday letting to paying guests.

This is just an overview for holiday homeowners on welcome hampers in holiday homes. If you have any tips or suggestions please leave them in the comments box below.

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Tips for preparing your holiday home for the peak letting season

Tips for preparing your holiday home for the peak letting seasonThe peak letting season is almost upon us. It’s time to get organised and start preparing for an influx of guests (and sunshine!). It’s vital that your holiday home is ready for everything the peak period has to throw at it. And that you’ve also taken every precaution to ensure that guests have a happy and safe stay in your property.

In order to do that there are a few checks that you’ll need be making. Here’s an overview of our tips for preparing your holiday home for the peak letting season.

Electrical items, boilers and alarms

When it comes to the safety of your guests, ensuring that electrical items, boilers, fire and carbon monoxide alarms have been recently serviced and are in full working order should come at the top of your priority list.

Keep a record of when these items were last checked and inspected. Make a diary note of when they’ll next need attention.

There’s further information on the specific checks you’ll need to carry out and how often here:

The garden and grounds

The winter can often take its toll on our gardens, so before guests begin to return to your cottage ensure that you’ve had a thorough check of any external areas; this should include elements such as making sure that winter weather hasn’t damaged nearby trees, that your pathways are cleared of algae or leaves that could cause visitors to slip, and that any decking is in fine fettle.

Whilst a risk assessment can sound like an arduous and technical task, having a detailed list of items to check in the garden (and other areas of your holiday home) will ensure that nothing is missed by you or the person responsible for inspection if you live a good distance from the property.

You can find more information on maintaining your holiday home garden in our blogs here:

The interior

Holiday homes come under more stress than the average home, therefore furniture will sometimes need a little TLC or replacement. Wobbly chairs should be fixed, and that dodgy door knob should be repaired. Even the smallest details, such as a loose floorboard or kink in the carpet, could present a trip hazard for all of the guests that you will be welcoming.

The lead up to the peak letting season is also the perfect time for a thorough spring clean, so pop your marigolds on and give your holiday cottage a deep clean. Replace any tired looking towels, plump up the cushions, and make sure that everything a guest may need is in there.

If you have a housekeeper responsible for changeovers then now is a great time of the year to go through their checks, and ask them what could be altered to reach an even higher level of visitor service in the coming period.

You can find more information on maintaining the interior of your holiday home and housekeeping in our blogs here:

Is your welcome pack up to date?

Your welcome pack should be seen as a key part of your communication with guests, so you should be taking the time to review it on a regular basis and ensure that it’s completely up to date.

Correct emergency information, local restaurant recommendations, and any other information that isn’t right. Also ensure that instructions to electrical items and anything else they may need within your cottage during their stay are readily available.

For more information on using your welcome pack as a marketing tool please take a look at our blog here:

The paperwork

Your welcome pack isn’t the only paper work you should check in the lead up to the peak letting season. Both general and fire risk assessments should be reviewed annually. Ensure that you’ve got all the appropriate certificates covering areas such as gas safety, PAT testing and Electrical Installation Condition Report.

Property maintenance is an essential aspect for holiday homeowners fulfilling their duty of care. Keeping on top of it will ensure you achieve the best returns on your holiday home. A well maintained property will also reduce the risks of holiday home insurance claims.

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Managing holiday letting guest expectations

Managing holiday letting guest expectations

The build up to a holiday can be an exciting one for your guests. In anticipation they’ll have created a number of expectations in their mind about the quality of the accommodation, the local area and the experience they feel they’re likely to enjoy.

How are these expectations formed, and what can you do in order to effectively shape and manage your holiday letting guest expectations?

With visitor expectations rising year on year this is becoming an increasingly important part of owning a holiday cottage and ensuring that your guests go home happy that each of their expectations have been readily met or even exceeded.

We discuss a few areas you can use to make sure that your customers know exactly what they’re getting…

Website copy

This can be an area that is often neglected so when was the last time you wrote, reviewed or updated yours?

When someone visits your website they’ll be doing so with a list of things you’ll need to fulfill in order to gain their booking; some of these will be conscious and others, sub-conscious.

They’ll have things that they’ll need from their accommodation (for example a certain number of rooms), they’ll have things that might be desirable and add something extra (for example a hot tub), and finally fears or worries (for example being somewhere too remote and without local shops).

By working out what your visitors need, want and fear, you can then effectively answer these through each of the pages of your website.

In doing so you’ll be answering all of their questions, and creating a clear picture of what they can expect. You’ll be managing their expectations by increasing their knowledge of your cottage. For more information on improving the copy on your holiday home website listing see our previous post:

Website photography

Whilst words will tell them everything they need to know, photos will give them a real feel of what to expect.

You’ll probably already know that photographing the interiors of a holiday home is a tricky business; lighting and making the rooms seem as large as real life are just a couple of the common barriers holiday homeowners will have faced when trying to get the perfect shot.

Consider investing in a professional photographer to ensure your rooms, and other areas are done justice and give a realistic expectation as to what someone can expect.

Also, make sure you have a wide range of photography; both inside and outside, to ensure that nothing is left to the imagination (which is where expectation and reality begin to part).

For more information on eye catching photography for your holiday home website listing see our previous post:

Communication with guests

Whilst expectations can be built and shaped through your website communication, they will continue to evolve during the run up to their visit.

This could be as the result of previous experiences both good and bad, so it’s important you continue to communicate with them and let them know exactly what to expect.

This can include information about their welcome pack, when they can check in, what they’ll need to bring with them and what’s already provided.

The more information you’re able to give them, the better you’ll be able to manage their expectations.

Welcome information folders are an important tool when for communicating useful information to your guests. For more information on welcome folder content ideas and why it’s important to keep them fresh see our previous posts:

It’s the little things

Whilst you can manage the expectations in the run up to a guest’s visit it’s still the little things that count. Think of elements you can add to their stay that may now exceed their expectations; have you considered adding something special or seasonal to the welcome pack? Perhaps hooking up with another local tourist business to offer them a special discount? Or even a pre-decoration service if they’re coming for a special occasion?

Adding and exceeding guest expectations could mean more repeat bookings, so once you’ve shaped them, make sure they have the stay they expect and so much more!

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alcohol in welcome packs

alcohol in welcome packsWith Christmas and New Year’s Eve edging ever closer, now may be the time of year that you consider providing some complimentary drinks for your guests as a gesture of seasonal goodwill.

On first impressions it sounds a relatively simple concept, but many holiday homeowners might not be aware of the law when it comes to providing alcohol in Welcome Packs by way of a `free’ bottle of wine or cask of local ale or cider. We’ve taken a look at current alcohol legislation and what you need to know in order to give your holiday letting guests a complimentary tipple, whilst ensuring you stay within the law.

Can I provide alcohol in welcome packs free of charge?

It may come as a surprise that the answer is actually no, unless you have the correct licences in place.

In the eyes of the law, the provision of any alcohol is not seen as being ‘free’.  This is because it’s felt that the rental a guest pays you for their stay includes the costs of the amenities they consume within your holiday home; for example the toiletries, complimentary food on arrival, and of course, any alcohol.

Your free tipple is seen as strictly part of the cost of rental, rather than free of charge.

This means that like any other alcohol provider, in order to supply alcohol in your welcome pack you would currently need to have both a premises licence and at least one member of staff that holds a personal licence.

Where do you currently stand?

If you’re looking at providing alcohol you’ll need to be aware of the Licensing Act 2003, which regulates all organisations that provide and supply alcohol, which includes your holiday home business.

Step one – Premises Licence

Under the Act there are a number of conditions that need to be met; the first of these is that you must have a Premises Licence, which would permit your holiday home to supply alcohol in welcome packs. You can apply for a licence through your local council and, once granted, your ‘licence summary’ needs to be displayed clearly at the holiday home.

Step two – Personal Licence Holder

After you have a Premises Licence the next step is to become a personal licence holder. This allows you to provide alcohol on behalf of your holiday home and works in a similar way as a driving licence, which allows you to drive any car. You can apply for a personal licence through the Government website:

Are there changes on the way?

In a bid to make the process easier for businesses, including holiday homeowners, the Government is reducing the red tape that surrounds the Licensing Act.

Whilst we’re still awaiting confirmation on the details of this new legislation it is said to include a Personal Licence becoming valid for life (currently only ten years) and the licence holder no longer needing to be present when the alcohol is served (particularly important for holiday homeowners).

The biggest potential change for holiday homeowners could be the introduction of a new type of notice, known as CANS (Community and Ancillary Sales Notice) which will allow you to provide small amounts of alcohol in holiday home welcome packs for a minimal fee.

This type of licence would be valid for three years and save you having to apply for a premises licence, which can cost up to £1,900! It may also reduce the need for a personal licence, an extra £75.

CANS were due to be introduced by the end of this year, check out the Government website for further updates and how you can apply if it comes into effect. We’ll also let you know through our blog as soon as changes come into force.

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holiday let welcome folder

holiday let welcome folderThe holiday let welcome folder; so often the first point of contact that the visitor will have once they’ve made their way into your holiday home. We take a look at ten content areas to make sure that yours is a success, and adds value to their stay.

  1. A warm welcome

Whilst in all likelihood you won’t meet with your guests in person, it’s still a nice touch to kick off with a short note wishing them an enjoyable stay.  This personal approach will give a positive first impression, and set the tone for the rest of your welcome pack.

2. Technology

Many holiday homes will now be packed full with an abundance of technology; but do your guests know how to use it? We suggest having the vital Wi-Fi network information toward the front of your pack, along with instructions and guides on how to control other technology, such as televisions and ovens.

3. Health and Safety

Should the worse happen, you want to make sure that your guests are kept safe, and also minimise any potential damage to your holiday home; having detailed information on what to do in the event of incidents such as fire or storm damage to the property will increase the chances of this happening.

4. Gas Safety

Gas safety is an area in which guests are becoming increasing knowledgeable. An up to date copy of your Gas Safety Certificate for any boilers or appliances should be included within your welcome pack.

5. Destination Marketing

Your guests want to get out and explore the local area; your welcome pack should give them information on everything it has to offer.  Whether it’s menus from the very best restaurants, family fun days out or spine tingling spots for surfing, make sure that nothing is left out of this section.

6. Building Trust

People trust other people’s experiences, opinions and feedback.   Don’t believe us? Take a quick think about the success of Tripadvisor!

If you’ve been to the restaurants or destinations included in your welcome pack, let them know which ones you recommend and why.  Giving it your personal stamp of approval will encourage them to visit, and you’ll know that they’ll have an enjoyable experience.

7. Housekeeping

To keep the housekeeping of your holiday home ticking over ensure that information on the disposal of household waste and recycling, including details of collection days or where to leave it in the mean time are included in your pack.

8. Appealing to Visitor Interests

You need to be playing to your strengths; the likelihood is that people are not only drawn to your holiday home, but also the area that surrounds it.  Is your cottage popular with hikers? Surfers? Young families? Ensure that your welcome pack meets the needs of your visitors.

If it’s surfers think about adding tide times and secret spots.  Hikers? consider adding maps and routes with varying difficulties; and always remember they’ll need somewhere to stop off and eat, or enjoy a drink!

9. Emergency and Helpful Contact Information

Sometimes things won’t go according to plan.  If your guests do need a dentist, doctor or the nearest accident and emergency during their stay ensure contact information for all of these is readily available.

10. Feedback and Complaints

Always include an area in which your guests can leave their feedback, and also information about how to make a complaint, if they need to.  Remember, if a visitor does make a complaint, if handled well, it can still be turned to a positive experience.  Your welcome pack should be the first step in this process.

If you have any advice to add to our Top 10 Content Ideas for your Holiday Let Welcome Folder please leave a comment below.

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holiday let welcome folder

holiday let welcome folder You only get one chance to make a first impression; your dazzling holiday home will ensure guests are happy with the accommodation, but when was the last time you updated your Holiday Let Welcome Folder?

If the answer is more than a year, now could be the time to get that information folder up to date and working to your advantage; we explore the benefits of the often much maligned holiday let welcome folder.

Benefits of keeping the information in your holiday let welcome folder fresh

Make life easy for guests

It may have been a long drive, often through summer traffic or winter weather; the first thing your guests want to do is relax, and your welcome pack can help them do that.

Whether it’s the Wi-Fi code, or how to master that brand new television and DVD combo you’ve installed, your welcome pack should give them all the information they need to make their stay in your cottage like a home away from home; just how they want it to be.

Integrate with the local community

They’ve had time to relax; now they’re ready to explore and get outside.  The tourism industry is made up of a diverse range of businesses, from Michelin Star restaurants to family theme park attractions and it’s vital that they all work closely together to provide the best possible destination experience.

Remember, your visitors won’t be familiar with the finest local eateries or family days out, and this is exactly where your welcome pack should help them.

You want to make sure they have a great stay; and that means a fantastic time whilst in, and out of, your holiday home.

Appeal to visitor interests

Does the information you have in your welcome pack appeal to your visitor’s interests? If your cottage appeals to young families, is the information in your pack prescribed to these guests?

Located in a fantastic surfing location? How about the perfect highland hiking territory?

Effective marketing is about understanding your visitors and what they want.  By giving them the information to facilitate a great stay, you’ll be adding value to their experience of your holiday home, which leads us nicely on to our next point.

Encourage repeat bookings

Too much to do in a single visit? Or a stay that was so enjoyable that they have to return? Either way, your welcome pack should give them the information to leave them wanting more, which is exactly what you want.

Keep your cottage running like clockwork

The benefits don’t stop with giving your guests all the ingredients and knowledge to have a great holiday; how about providing them with the information that ensures your holiday cottage continues to run like clockwork; even during the busiest times.

Information on the disposal of household waste, recycling and collection days will ensure your guests know their housekeeping obligations, leaving you without the worry of a growing backlog of bin bags.

Embrace technology to give your guests options

We all like to digest information in different ways. Giving your visitors the option of an online welcome pack, as well as avoiding those dog-eared leaflets from yesteryear, will ensure that the marketing of your property and surrounding area is catering for everyone.

Boshers offer specialist holiday home insurance to holiday letting owners across the UK. For more information on how a specialist insurer can help and support your holiday home business, please give us a call on 01237 429444.

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Coponis Holiday Home Welcome Pack App

Do you own a smart phone?  If you do you’re now officially in the majority rather than the minority as latest statistics show that 7 out of 10 UK adults now own a smart phone of some sort.

With these phones has come a new way of accessing information, a way of seamlessly integrating a phone into our daily lives, a method of adding value and making things just that little easier.

We are now in the era of the App.

If in doubt the fact a staggering 102 billion were downloaded last year alone shows you use them and so do your guests.

Coponis – embracing technology in holiday home welcome packs

So as a holiday homeowner how do you harness this technology and utilise it to the benefit of you and those visiting your holiday home?

An App called Coponis perhaps has the answer.

Picture a scenario where your latest guest has every bit of information at their fingertips before they leave their front door.

From directions on how to get there and where to park when they arrive to places to go, the latest weather forecast and even how to work the oven!

Coponis is an App that takes the traditional ‘Welcome Information Pack’ provided to guests and puts that information and much more in the guest’s hands prior to even arriving.

As well as linking up with Google, the world’s largest search engine to provide visitors with information on all the local spots the App is also able to store a wealth of information on your holiday letting property; it really is a one stop shop for your guest.

As holiday home insurance specialists we take pride in providing information of interest to furnished holiday letting owners. Take a look at the video and see how Coponis may help you and your holiday home business.


Coponis - the welcome pack app for holiday let guests

Coponis – the welcome pack app for holiday let guests

Impress your holiday let guests with a welcome pack app. takes the traditional ‘Welcome Information Pack’ provided to guests at self-catering accommodation and utilises technology to put that information (and much more) straight into the hands of the guest prior to their arrival.  This gives the guest clear and succinct information to enhance their stay, even before they make their trip.

Coponis’ first concern is to make sure that every guest has a stay that is as safe & comfortable as possible; whilst empowering them to make the most of their time at the accommodation by presenting them with all the information they could need, at the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse.

In providing information to guests in a clear, concise and easy to navigate format – exactly when they want it – the need for them to contact owners or management agents is reduced.  This not only enhances the guest’s experience hugely but also frees up the property owner’s and manager’s time.

Setting up a property on Coponis is smooth and straightforward for the property owner/manager, with step-by-step instructions to help with all levels of computer experience.  Once it’s set up they can completely manage all their customers’ stays simply and smoothly from then on.  Scheduling & inviting guests via the Coponis dashboard is quick and easy.  Once a guest has automatically received their own unique login details (on the Apps (Apple & Android) and/or on the website); they then have access to all of the Safety, Property and Local Information that they could possibly need.

Coponis not only helps the guests to find and access their accommodation, it keeps them safe, comfortable and happy, with instant access to all the facilities of their surrounding area.  In return, this frees up significant amounts of time for the owners/agents, puts everyone’s minds at rest (including Insurance Companies!) and ensures not only returning guests but reviews of customer satisfaction that will increase numbers of bookings.

Impress your holiday let guests with a welcome pack app and give them access to:

  • The property address
  • Directions to the property (if via the App it uses GPS to locate them and gives them a tailored map)
  • Information about their stay: including check in times, terms & conditions, rules etc
  • Where to park if they are travelling by car
  • The weather where they are staying
  • How to gain access to the property
  • How to use and operate equipment such as the heating system, the DVD player, the oven
  • How to deal with quirks, e.g. the back door which sticks so you have to lift and twist it to open…
  • What facilities are at the property
  • Where to eat, drink, visit, get cash out, shop, fill up the car, watch a film and more
  • Who to contact during the stay with any issues or compliments!
  • What to do in an emergency including how to escape if there is a fire, where the first aid kit is, how to turn the water off if there is a leak etc

Coponis founder, Dan Whiting, says “Having run a holiday let management company we saw the issues that owners and guests face and wanted to create a tool to cater for both their needs.  The safety of the guests and the properties is the main concern but we have developed the site and Apps to enhance the overall experience by providing all the information the guests need”

From initial testing of the system the feedback from guests and owners has been tremendously positive with all guests saying that hey want their next self-catering accommodation to have Coponis.  Owners saw a vast reduction in queries from guests (74% reduction) and an increase in guest review ratings on sites like TripAdvisor.

Although Coponis has plans to go international, initially they are pushing the launch nationally following a successful trial in Bath with The Bath Holiday Company.  Katie, manager at The Bath Holiday Company says “Not only has Coponis made me, as a manager, feel secure that our guests are safe & happy, it is also a great marketing tool.  Knowing that they can make the most of their stay in terms of places to visit, finding places they need (e.g. banks, pharmacies, grocers) is a huge asset to our business that gives us the edge over anyone who doesn’t have Coponis.  More guests coming back, happy customers and fabulous reviews from satisfied guests.”

Through it’s innovative use of digital media, Coponis places guests at its heart, engaging and informing them, thus resulting in a safer and more enjoyable self-catering holiday experience. We would like to wish Dan well with the launch of Coponis, he is keen to make this a success so whether you own a single holiday let or run a holiday letting agency managing hundreds of properties find out how you can `impress your holiday let guests with a welcome pack app’ give Dan a call today on 0207 018 7535.

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