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Check out these posts, using technology to give you a better insurance service, Boshers listed in the Top 100 Short Term vacation rental Blogs and Holiday Homeowners encouraged to take action as wintry weather takes hold.

unoccupied holiday homes

Temporary cover enhancements for unoccupied holiday homes

unoccupied holiday homesUpdate for Boshers holiday home insurance policyholders who are concerned about their unoccupied holiday homes which are temporarily closed due to COVID-19. We would like to reassure our policyholders in light of the most recent government advice about the outbreak of COVID-19. You may be concerned that due to the current lock down and travel restrictions, the usual inspections of your holiday let cannot take place.  You may also be concerned that your policy cover may be restricted.

Recognising the circumstances customers find themselves in, we would not expect to see your ability to claim affected by circumstances over which you have little control. To reassure you, up to and including the 2nd December 2020 in England, Ecclesiastical have agreed that unoccupied premises cover restrictions will not apply to Temporarily Closed premises. These will equally apply to any similar lockdowns in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as per the dates announced locally by the governments in these countries.

A revised letter of intent can be downloaded (as a PDF) here. The letter details the revised temporary cover enhancements for unoccupied holiday homes.

The need for an inspection or check is deferred until travel restrictions are lifted

Where government advice does not allow the necessary travel to complete an inspection or to check on the security devices, the need for an inspection or check is deferred until travel restrictions are lifted to a level which allows inspections to re-commence.

However, if your holiday home is not occupied, this represents a greater risk of significant damage which could delay your holiday home getting back up and running once the current COVID-19 outbreak has passed. With this in mind, where you are able to do so safely, and within the current government guidelines, we would encourage you to consider anything you can do to reduce the risk of damage or loss, particularly through escaping water from heating systems and security of the premises generally.

In respect of Temporarily Closed premises the following risk management measures should be implemented as far as is possible:

(1) you must maintain in full and efficient working order and keep operational all

  • alarms (if fitted)
  • locks and all other protective and security devices preventing access to the premises

(2) Provided any travel required to carry out an inspection is in line with the latest government advice you or an authorised person responsible to you must undertake an internal and external inspection of such buildings at least every 14 days and

  1. rectify as soon as is reasonably possible any defects in the fabric of the building or any protective or security devices or installations
  2. take action to ensure the premises cannot be easily identified as unused or closed down such as removing waste, recycling and accumulations of post.

iii. put in place contingency plans incase the primary person(s) carrying out inspections or responding to alarm activations need to self isolate or are ill so that inspections and alarm activation responses can be maintained by another appointed person

(3) you or an authorised person responsible to you will arrange that either:

(a) the heating system is brought into constant operation and a minimum room temperature of not less than 7 degrees Celsius (45 degrees Fahrenheit) maintained throughout the property or

(b) the water is turned off at the stopcock inside the premises and the domestic water system drained and other services such as electricity and gas are disconnected (other than as necessary to maintain the central heating or security system).

If you have any questions regarding this please do contact us. However in order for us to manage enquiries during a period where we are likely to be busy, please could we ask where possible that in the first instance you email We will continue to update you and our website as the situation develops and thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

Not a Boshers holiday home insurance client yet? We offer specialist holiday home insurance to owners across the UK. If you need an insurance quote for your holiday let call us on 01237 429444. If we are closed use the quote form and we’ll be in touch during the next business day.

holiday let bookings and coronavirus

holiday let bookings and coronavirusHoliday homeowners and holiday letting agents alike are understandably concerned about the potential for the disruption which coronavirus (Covid-19) may cause. Boshers have put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). Hopefully these will help to clarify the position with respect to holiday let bookings and coronavirus. This includes details on cover provided by our holiday home insurance policy together with wider implications.

Whilst the primary concern for the disruption which coronavirus may cause is loss of income due to cancelled bookings, owners are also concerned about their liability towards guests and cleaning contractors. Hopefully these FAQ’s will help to clarify what is and isn’t covered under your holiday home insurance policy.

Holiday Let Bookings and Coronavirus – Frequently asked questions?

Q1. Does my policy include any cover for loss of rental income if the holiday home is directly affected by a `disease outbreak’?

There is some cover within the policy for loss of income as a result of a `specified disease’. The definition of specified disease specific to the loss of income cover is detailed in the policy wording. You can view the policy wording on our website here:

Q2. Is Covid-19 a specified disease for the purpose of the policy wording?

No – In common with most other insurers, Covid-19 is not a specified disease in our policy wording. The extension under the loss of income section of our policy for `specified disease’ is based on a specific list of diseases which does not include new and emerging diseases like Covid-19. 

Q3. What about the fact that Covid-19 has been declared a `notifiable disease’ by the Government? 

Even though the Government has declared Covid-19 as a notifiable disease, this does not change the insurance position under the policy. As the chancellor said, you cannot retrospectively change contracts of insurance at this time without threatening the future of the insurance industry.   

Our holiday home insurance underwriter Ecclesiastical will continue to offer cover for `specified disease’, rather than for ‘notifiable’ or any infectious or contagious disease such as coronavirus. We are sorry that it is not economically viable to provide cover for pandemic viruses such as Covid-19, but with this approach you can be clear on what is and isn’t covered.

Q4. What if guests are prevented from taking up their bookings because they have been quarantined due to coronavirus?

There would not be cover under your policy as this is a booking your guests cannot fulfil. You would need to check your booking cancellation terms and conditions to determine how much refund your guests would be entitled to, if any. It may be that they can claim for the cost of the booking under their travel insurance if they have a policy in force. Travel insurance may cover non-refundable cancellation costs, in specific circumstances. These may include medical advice against your guest or a member of your guests’ group from travelling or government advice against travelling. The ABI have issued some information for travellers here:

Q5. What if guests choose to cancel their holiday because they are disinclined to travel because they are concerned about coronavirus?

In a similar manner to Q4 above, there would not be cover under your policy. This is a booking your guests are choosing not to fulfil. You would need to check your booking cancellation terms to determine how much refund your guests would be entitled to, if any. In this instance the guests’ travel insurance would not cover them as travel insurance is not designed to cover ‘disinclination to travel’ , where the Government advice has not changed to advise against travel.

Q6. What if guests currently staying in the property are forced to stay on because our area comes under quarantine?

There would not be cover under your policy as coronavirus is not a specified disease in our policy wording. In any event, it is unlikely that individuals will be prevented from travelling home at the end of their holiday. If a guest contracts coronavirus whilst on holiday it would be reasonable to expect them to return home to self-isolate.

Q7. How about liability cover?

Subject to the terms and conditions of Boshers Holiday Home Insurance policy, the Employers’ and Public Liability cover provides an indemnity to the policyholder if the policyholder is held legally liable for accidental bodily injury or illness arising in connection with the policyholder’s business of holiday letting.  

Q8. Should I ensure that my holiday home is deep cleaned on changeover day?

You have a duty of care towards any visitors to your holiday home to ensure that it is a safe environment. By taking reasonable steps to make sure that your holiday home is cleaned in accordance with Public Health guidelines, you will be fulfilling your duty of care. The best source of cleaning guidance can be found here:

The situation surrounding coronavirus is developing rapidly. It’s best to regularly check the government’s official guidance which is reviewed daily and updated frequently. If you are already a Boshers Holiday Home Insurance client and need any additional guidance on holiday let bookings and coronavirus by all means give our team a call on 01237 429444 or contact us by email. Equally if you have any holiday letting insurance related questions regarding coronavirus that we haven’t answered above, get in touch and we’ll do our upmost to answer them.

Not a Boshers client yet? We offer specialist holiday home insurance to owners across the UK. If you need an insurance quote for your holiday let call us on 01237 429444. If we are closed use the quote form and we’ll be in touch during the next business day.

Christmas holiday home interior

Boshers Christmas Opening Hours   

The team at Boshers would like to wish all our insurance customers, suppliers and business partners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You’ll find Boshers Christmas Opening Hours below, together with information on how to report a claim when we are closed.


Christmas holiday home interiorMon 21st Dec – 0830 – 1700
Tue 22nd Dec – 0830 – 1700
Wed 23rd Dec – 0830 – 1700
Christmas Eve – Closed 
Christmas Day – Closed
Boxing Day – Closed
Sun 27th Dec – Closed
Mon 28th Dec – Closed
Tue 29th Dec – 0830 – 1700
Wed 30th Dec – 0830 – 1700
New Years Eve – Closed
New Years Day – Closed     
Sat 2nd Jan – Closed
Sat 3rd Jan – Closed
Mon 4th Jan – 0830 – 1700

Claims – out of hours assistance: If you are unfortunate enough to need to inform your insurer of an incident which will or may lead to a claim over the holiday period outside of Boshers Christmas Opening Hours please check your policy document for the insurers 24 hour claims help line.

For further claims assistance and out of hours phone numbers visit:

If you are a Boshers Holiday Home Insurance client you can download a copy of your holiday home insurance policy document in downloads by clicking through to the following page: holiday home insurance

For further information on UK holiday home insurance visit the website page most relevant to you:

water damage holiday homes
Worried holiday homeowner calling Plumber While Collecting Water Droplets Leaking From Ceiling At Home

Our advice comes as the Met Office recorded freezing temperatures across much of the UK this week. On Tuesday 19th November Braemar in Scotland saw the lowest temperature recorded so far this autumn, a chilly -9.9°C and parts of the UK have already seen significant snowfall. These weather conditions can cause pipes to freeze and burst causing serious damage and vacant holiday homes are particularly vulnerable if basic precautions are not taken.

As holiday home insurance specialists we are encouraging holiday homeowners to take precautions to prevent water damage by burst pipes.

Whilst most holiday homes are let to guests during much of the year, the weeks either side of the festive period can be less popular. Properties are often empty and therefore more exposed to extreme weather and prone to problems going undetected.

When a severe cold spell swept the UK in 2010, insurers dealt with 3,500 claims for burst pipe damage every day (£1 billion paid out in Nov/Dec alone *ABI).

Mark Lavington, Director at Boshers Ltd explains; “We see more burst pipe and escape of water insurance claims than any other type of claim. The average cost of claims for frozen pipes is £12000. (Claims data 2011-2017 *Ecclesiastical Insurance) Whilst the damage caused can be significant there are several simple steps holiday homeowners can take in order to reduce their risk.”

We have issued guidance including a number of steps you can take in order to reduce the chances of potential damage:

  • Turn off the stopcock and drain the water and heating system; or  
  • Leave the heating on to maintain a temperature throughout your holiday home sufficient to prevent pipes from freezing (above 7°C). Setting your heating thermostat at a low level (15°C) will help maintain a reasonable temperature to prevent frozen pipes.
  • If your holiday home is unoccupied during the winter ensure you turn the water off at the stopcock even if you leave your heating on (where your heating system allows).
  • Arrange for regular checks to be made on the property during any period in which it isn’t occupied by guests.
  • Lag and insulate pipes, boilers and water storage tanks, particularly if exposed to the cold (think about attics and outbuildings).
  • Make sure your heating and water systems are serviced regularly and checked by a professional.
  • Consider installing a leak detection system or automatic stopcock, particularly if you live away from the property.
  • Refer to your holiday home insurance policy for conditions specific to your cover

Damage caused by burst pipes can be significant

Mark added “The damage caused to holiday homes by burst pipes can be significant, potentially leaving the holiday property uninhabitable for a considerable amount of time. Whilst the material damage and loss of rental income may be insured the inconvenience to both holiday homeowners and future guests is best avoided. Being proactive in reacting to potentially severe weather could save owners hassle, expense and disruption.”

For further guidance on holiday home checks ahead of extreme weather please visit:

Boshers Holiday Home Insurance Policy Conditions

We are always upfront and clear about our holiday home insurance policy conditions but just in case you need reminding, click below to reveal them:

Boshers offer specialist holiday home insurance to owners across the UK. Need an insurance quote for your holiday let? Give us a call on 01237 429444 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


Top 100 Short-Term Vacation Rental Blogs
Top 100 Short-Term Vacation Rental Blogs

We’re delighted to say that our blog has been named as one of the most helpful online resources for holiday homeowners across the UK by

Our appearance on their ‘Top 100 Short-term Vacation rental blogs’ list, which recognises those that offer ‘best practice tips and ways of enhancing guest experience’, comes after we’ve written more than 300 blog posts over the past five years, crammed full of information on topics such as health and safety, insurance and online marketing.

We’ve been specialising in holiday home insurance for almost 30 years and over that time we’ve been able to build up a wealth of knowledge and experience by talking to holiday homeowners each and every day; the Boshers blog is our way of sharing that experience with cottage owners.

Top 100 Short-Term & Vacation Rental Blogs

No matter if it’s the latest legislative changes on credit card payments, updates to fire risk assessments or ways you can encourage more guests to your property during the winter months, we want our holiday homeowner blog to provide you with useful tips you can quickly put in place in order to enhance your guest experience and bookings, whilst also ensuring you’re on top of everything you need to be doing in order to keep your guests safe.

Here are some of our most popular topics…

Health and Safety

As a holiday homeowner you’ll want to make sure that your guests not only have a great time in your cottage but also a safe stay.  With the ever-changing landscape of health and safety regulations and the growing list of areas you need to be aware of it can often be difficult to keep up.  Our health and safety posts are here to help you put the right processes in place and minimise the chances of an accident happening.

Holiday Home Insurance

We of course know the importance of having the right insurance in place for your holiday home.  Have you ever thought about what would happen if your holiday home were to become unavailable during the peak summer months? How about if it were to be involved in a serious fire and need to be rebuilt? Or where you stand if paying guests accidentally damage your furniture?

Our holiday home insurance posts provide you with the answers to questions you might not have thought or be aware of when it comes to your insurance policy. 

Holiday home maintenance

With hundreds of paying guests entering your property over the course of a calendar year it’s understandable that there’ll be a little wear and tear.  No matter if you look after the cleaning and maintenance of your cottage yourself or you live a good distance from the property and employ an external agency, our maintenance tips are all geared toward making sure your property is looking great every time a guest walks through the front door.

Still wanting more?

If you’re still looking for more information and helpful tips for your holiday home, you can find the full list here:

Boshers offer specialist holiday home insurance to owners across the UK. Need an insurance quote for your holiday let? Give us a call on 01237 429444.


subsidence Having faced freezing temperatures and snow drifts in late March, the summer of 2018 couldn’t have been in greater contrast when it comes to the weather. Britain baked in record breaking temperatures amid a hot dry spell that seemed to go on for months. Large swathes of land were so parched that fires erupted across the country in places such as Manchester and Dartmoor.

But, while we all basked in sunshine, could there have been an unsuspected consequence? Are some homeowners now paying the price for this hot weather? The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has reported that during July to September 2018, subsidence claims reached a 12-year high. Claims reached the same levels experienced during a similar heatwave in 2006.

10,000 households made claims totalling £64 million. The increase potentially and partially related to the drying out of properties and foundations during the heatwave.

So what is subsidence and how do you spot the signs? Importantly, what do you need to be watching out for in your home or holiday cottage?

What is subsidence ..?

Subsidence occurs when the ground beneath a property moves, collapses or shrinks. This causes additional stress on the foundations of the building it’s supporting.

Wondering how the weather could potentially cause subsidence in a property? All ground contains water; when the ground is subject to long periods of heat that water begins to be lost, causing the ground to shrink (a little like a sponge without any water). As the ground shrinks, the foundations on which the property were built are strained and pulled in different directions, with this stress potentially leading to problems with the overall structure of the building.

How do you spot potential subsidence?

  1. The tell-tale sign of subsidence is the sudden appearance of cracks within the property
  2. These may well be more prevalent around doors and windows
  3. Any cracks will often appear thicker than a 10 pence piece
  4. Cracks will usually be diagonal in nature due to the forces being placed on the property walls; often be wider at the top than the bottom
  5. If you have wallpaper in your cottage you may find that this begins to rip or crinkle as the wall shape distorts slightly.

What to do if you’re worried about subsidence

It’s important to highlight that not every crack is as a result of subsidence – both new and older properties will move slightly over time and have only visual cracks as a result, which won’t be of any structural concern. We recommend that if you do have any concerns about subsidence in your home or holiday home you report them to your insurer. You may need to have a structural survey undertaken to ensure that everything is as it should be. A full structural survey is also advised before purchasing a home, buy-to-let or holiday home property.

To discuss how our specialist holiday home insurance could keep your cottage covered, please give our helpful team a call on 01237 429 444.

Holiday Cottage and Complex Owners Seminar

Three leading industry experts are teaming up to provide holiday cottage and complex owners from across Devon and Cornwall with an informative free seminar in October.

The event, which will bring together specialist speakers on digital marketing, holiday home insurance and the buying, selling and development of holiday cottage complexes, will be held on 30th October 2018 just a minute off the A30 dual carriageway on the Devon / Cornwall border.

The line-up of speakers will include Mark Worden from MiHi Digital, an experienced online marketing and tourism expert, Mark Lavington of Boshers, one of the country’s leading providers of holiday home insurance and Nick Smith, Manager of Stags Estate Agent’s holiday complex team who specialise in the marketing of leisure complexes for sale and development.

Mark Worden from MiHi Digital said “It’s been a great summer for many holiday homeowners across the South West with the fantastic weather driving tourists to the region in their droves.  At this event I’ll be giving some helpful tips on how cottage owners can increase the chances of re-booking and also boost bookings once the sun has gone and we head into the shoulder and winter season.”

Mark Lavington from Boshers said “The meteoric rise of the sharing economy and online platforms such as AirBnB has fuelled a boom in holiday letting. This rapid growth has resulted in a spotlight being shone on the whole self-catering industry highlighting both good practice and shortfalls in guest safety. Now is a good time to take stock, review compliance with legislation and consider your insurance cover. The event offers an ideal opportunity for owners to stay ahead of the curve.”

Nick Smith from Stags said “The leisure marketplace is constantly changing so I’ll be highlighting some of the current trends and offering guidance when it comes to maximising the sale value of leisure businesses through areas such as maintenance, occupancy, accounting and compliance with current regulations.”

For more information on this holiday cottage and complex owners event including timings and topics please click here or to book your place please call 01566 232323 or email

#2minutebeachclean board Lundy

#2minutebeachclean board Lundy

Left to Right – Dean Jones, Conservation Warden, Derek Green, Lundy General Manager, Mark Lavington, Director at Boshers Ltd

Devon based holiday cottage insurance specialists Boshers have teamed up with insurer Ecclesiastical to support the #2minutebeachclean initiative and sponsor a station at Lundy.

The firms are providing £5,000 of funding to #2minutebeachclean as part of Ecclesiastical’s ‘Closer to You’ community grant program. The proceeds are being used for setting up 10 new beach clean stations including one at Lundy Island to help remove plastic from its otherwise pristine marine environment.

The two minute beach clean initiative calls upon people visiting the region’s beaches to spend just two minutes of their time clearing the growing volume of plastic and debris washed up from the sea.

“We’re proud to support this growing initiative that ensures our beaches are kept clean”

#2minutebeachclean Lundy

#2minutebeachclean Landing Beach Lundy, Left to Right – Dean Jones, Conservation Warden, Mark Lavington, Director at Boshers Ltd

Mark Lavington, Director at Boshers Ltd explained; “We’re lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world where our beaches play a huge role in the region’s tourism industry. We’re proud to support this growing initiative that ensures our beaches are kept clean. As a keen sub-aqua diver and regular visitor to Lundy I’m thrilled we have been able to sponsor a board for the island’s Landing Beach”

Each year an estimated 6.4 million tonnes of plastic enters the sea, killing more than one million seabirds and countless other marine animals.

“We are delighted with our #2minutebeachclean board and grateful to Boshers for their support”

Derek Green, the Lundy General Manager said; “We are delighted with our #2minutebeachclean board and grateful to Boshers for their support. We hope the new board will encourage more of our visitors to help keep our beach plastic free. Our Conservation Warden, Dean Jones has installed bins above the beach, from where the plastic will be sorted and shipped to the mainland for recycling.”

Boshers applied for grant funding from Ecclesiastical Insurance Group’s ‘Closer to You’ community programme to boost its support for The Beach Clean Network Limited. This programme gives Ecclesiastical’s Select insurance broker partners the chance to be part of its ambition to give £100million to good causes. As well as providing funding for charities close to brokers, employees from the specialist insurer are also teaming up with brokers for volunteering days and fundraising challenges.

“It is very special for us to have a presence on Lundy Island”

#2minutebeachcleanMartin Dorey, founder of the #2minutebeachclean, said, “It is very special for us to have a presence on Lundy Island. It is a beautiful island that is well loved by many, me included! I have cleaned the beach there myself when I have visited and know that even marine reserves like Lundy need a little extra help clearing marine litter. We are so very grateful to our friends at Boshers for supporting our beach cleaning campaign, and for enabling us to enable Lundy’s visitors to do their bit to keep it pristine. Thanks also to the staff at Lundy for helping to make this happen. It’s brilliant!”

For more information on #2minutebeachclean and how you can get involved please click here.

Boshers are holiday cottage insurance specialists offering quotes and advice to owners across the UK. For more information on how a specialist insurance intermediary can help and support your holiday home business, please give us a call on 01237 429444.

holiday letting public liability

holiday letting public liability

As a holiday homeowner you’re sure to take pride and care in the service you give to each guest. You’ll want them to have a great time and to return home safely with some magical memories. However, sometimes accidents or incidents completely outside of your control can happen. This is the time at which your holiday home insurance intermediary and insurer are here to help you. Boshers are committed to continually review and expand the cover we offer to our holiday homeowners. We’re pleased to announce we have increased our Holiday Letting Public Liability cover from £5m to a market-leading £10m.

Let’s explain why we’ve taken this step and what’s covered.

What is Holiday Letting Public Liability cover?

Holiday cottages across the country welcome millions of guests throughout the year. Public Liability Insurance covers the holiday homeowner if those visitors were to suffer injury, death, disease or illness during their stay, the cause of which is in someway attributed to the property owner.

Whether there’s been a slip that’s resulted in a bumped head, or a far worse accident, this cover will ensure you are protected from the legal costs and any compensation that may be due.

Levels of cover

Unlike Employers Liability, there is no legal requirement for a holiday homeowner to have Public Liability cover. However, if you welcome paying guests into your cottage you could be left heavily out of pocket if any of those staying with you were to suffer an accident. It should therefore be a case of how much cover do you need, rather than if you need it or not.

It’s previously been recommended that cover of £3 million for small properties (sleeping up to two guests) and £5 million for larger properties, would be sufficient. By offering our holiday homeowners up to £10 million we’re giving complete peace of mind that should anything happen, our policy will provide you with an unrivalled level of support.

Why have we increased our cover?

We specialise in holiday home insurance; it’s what we do day-in, day-out. With that in mind we’re constantly monitoring the marketplace, speaking with cottage owners and other industry experts. This means that we’re able to keep our finger on the pulse of what holiday homeowners need. We are able to respond accordingly by improving our holiday home insurance cover to meet industy demands and market changes.

We want our insurance to be the complete package for holiday let owners. Increasing our holiday letting public liability cover to £10m is another step towards this. Our clients can rest assured that they and their holiday home or cottage complex is getting the protection required.

Boshers offer specialist holiday home insurance to owners across the UK. Would you like an insurance quote for your holiday letting property? Give us a call on 01237 429444.

technology, insurtech

technology, insurtechTechnology continues to change the way in which we do things and the way we conduct our everyday lives. It can make things easier, simpler and quicker to do, and once the change has happened it can be hard to imagine a time in which it didn’t exist. Just think about the following for a second:

  • A little over ten years ago there were no iPhones – there are now more than two billion smart devices now actively in use across the globe.
  • Go back 20 years and there was no Google – 3.5 billion searches are now made each day.
  • Less than 30 years ago there was no Internet – around 40% of the world now has an internet connection.

Each of these elements has brought with them a common theme; the ability to bring us closer together, to make communication easier and most importantly, more efficiency for us as customers.

So as the term ‘InsurTech’ (where insurance meets technology) begins to be more commonly used within our own industry; how do we use technology to make your experience of transacting insurance via Boshers as quick and easy as possible?

Paper applications and even claim forms are a thing of the past

We know that time for holiday homeowners is at a premium, particularly during the peak summer season months. We want to make the process of renewing your insurance, becoming a new policy holder and making a claim as simple as possible; long paper forms are now a thing of the past, and we won’t even make you go through an online application!

Our team are here to deal with your enquiries over the phone and get you the cover that’s right for your property, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It’s good to talk

As holiday home insurance specialists each of our team work with and speak to holiday homeowners from across the country each and every day. This means we understand the marketplace, we’re able to quickly and easily identify things that you mightn’t have thought about, and also ensure you have the right cover in place.

You can call any of our experienced team, all of whom have been with us for many years, on 01237 429 444.

Getting your documents to you quicker

Once you’ve spoken with our team you can have your quote, documents and correspondence sent to you by secure email. Waiting two to three days for it to turn up in the post is now very much a thing of the past! That said we’re happy to post them too, if you prefer.

Blogging to support your business

As a business we’ve always felt that we’re not just an insurance intermediary; we’re here to help, support and add value to our policy holders and the holiday letting industry as a whole.  It’s this belief that drives our Holiday Homeowner Blog; we want to provide holiday homeowners with useful information that adds value to their proposition, whilst making the experience for guests safer and more enjoyable.

If there is a topic you’d like to hear us blog about then please do let us know!

Being social

You can also find us on the two most prominent social media platforms; Twitter and Facebook. Looking for more of our blog content? We’ll share it here! Have a question? You can ask us there!  Our social media channels are all about interacting with our holiday homeowners and their letting agents; sharing content that promotes the furnished holiday letting sector and our own blog content we think you’ll find useful.

Holiday homeowners at the heart of our decisions…

Whenever investing in technology we do so with our clients at the centre of our decision making; the question we always ask is, ‘will this improve the service we offer our holiday homeowners?’. In the coming months and years we’ll continue to invest in insurtech; and strive to give you the best service on the market.

Boshers offer specialist holiday home insurance to owners across the UK. For information on how specialist insurance can help protect your holiday home business, call us on 01237 429444.