Increase energy efficiency in your holiday let

5 Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in your Holiday Let

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Increase energy efficiency in your holiday letAt the end of a long summer the thought of falling temperatures this winter is enough to send a shiver through the spine, but it could be the amount you’re unnecessarily spending on heating your holiday home that leaves you feeling decidedly chilly.  We take a look at a few simple ways to increase the energy efficiency in your holiday let property, and in doing so, lower those winter costs.

Loft Insulation – Save a potential £160 a year

Most people will be aware that hot air rises. If you’re yet to insulate your loft space it will be rising straight out of your holiday home. The Department for Energy and Climate Change has this year claimed that homes across the UK waste £500 million pumping heat into poorly insulated loft space.

Whilst you will incur expense insulating your loft, the average saving could be as much as £160 a year, meaning you’ll have a speedy payback period, and a saving that will continue into the future.

Insulating Cavity Walls – Save a potential £180 a year

Are your cavity walls insulated? If not, you may be prompted to act if you knew that uninsulated walls account for a third of all heat loss in your holiday home, and filling them could save you as much as £180 a year.

As with loft insulation, there is an initial installation cost, but the benefits of insulated walls will far out way your investment in the long term.

Look to Eco Appliances

Whilst you won’t be able to control the amount of times your guest boils the kettle, you will be able to make a drastic difference to their energy consumption by making effective decisions when buying appliances.

The average running cost of a fridge can vary from as little as £13 per year to as much as £92; a staggering 150% difference!

Choose carefully and pay close attention to energy efficiency ratings when purchasing new additions to your holiday home. The savings from efficient kitchen appliances, televisions, stereos and alike around your property will quickly add up.

Upgrade your boiler

How long has your boiler been in your holiday home?  Many will be surprised to find that older boilers could be adding £200 to your energy bills. Rated from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient, if yours is on the wrong end of the scale it could be time to upgrade and enjoy the savings over the next few years.

Plug the gaps

We’ll finish with perhaps the simplest and quickest way to increase the energy efficiency of your holiday home; covering the areas through which heat can escape.  Whilst installing double-glazing around the property will obviously have a marked impact on efficiency, you should also consider hanging thick curtains, and also look to address any drafts around doorways.

The simplest solutions are often the best, these 5 ways to increase Energy Efficiency in your Holiday Let include easy fixes that will ensure your property stays warm, without unnecessary expenditure.

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