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Five Benefits of a Specialist Holiday Home Insurance Policy

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Boshers specialist holiday home insurance webite on ipadSpecialist is a word that is often used but one we take really seriously and to heart. We’ve been specialising in insurance for holiday letting properties for 25 years. With that amount of experience under our belt we understand the industry.

Speaking with holiday homeowners every day gives us the knowledge and understanding that allows us to ensure we have one of the most comprehensive specialist holiday home insurance policy wordings possible for you and your needs as a cottage owner.

How our Specialist Holiday Home Insurance Policy can help

Here are just a few ways our Specialist Holiday Home Insurance Policy can help cover you when you need it the most:

£5m public and products liability

With the volume of people visiting and staying in your holiday home it’s vital you have an adequate level of public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance covers the legal liability of the policyholder for accidental bodily injury to third parties or damage to their property.

For example, if you were held legally liable for an accident in your holiday home that caused injury to a guest or to some of their possessions, you would be covered under your public and products liability insurance.

£10m employer’s liability

If you employ people to work inside or outside of your holiday home, for example in the form of a gardener or a cleaner, you will need employers liability insurance.

This will cover you against injury or illness sustained in the course of their employment.

It is a legal requirement to display your employer’s liability Certificate of insurance; we’ll provide this for you when you take a policy out with us.

Loss of rental income

What would you do if something happened to your property that meant it were out of action for the busiest time of the year?  Would you be able to stomach the financial implications of the potential loss of income during those summer months?

If your holiday home becomes uninhabitable as the result of something outside your control such as flood or fire it can have serious financial consequences.

This insurance covers you for the potential loss of income you may suffer as a result of disruption or interruption caused by an insured event.

What this means is that should you lose trade then you’ll not have to pay the price of the loss of trade you suffer through cancellations and periods of not being able to accept bookings.

Legal expenses up to £100,000

If you have a dispute with an employee, supplier or guest the legal costs can quickly add up and even run out of your financial control.

Our legal expenses cover is there to protect your legal position on a range of employment or business disputes.  We will negotiate for your legal rights after an event that causes physical damage to your holiday home or to evict anyone in your property who does not have permission to be there.

Your legal rights will also be defended if an event arising from you letting your holiday home leads to you being prosecuted in a criminal court.

You’ll also benefit from a number of helpful helplines, which will give you guidance on areas such as commercial law, tax and online employment and business law.

Accidental Damage

Sometimes accidents happen; red wine ruins that new cream carpet, or a guest accidentally breaks a chair.  Our policy covers most accidental damage that can occur, subject to some exceptions that insurers generally consider to be uninsurable, such as damage caused by cleaning or the corruption of information on a computer.

This means that should your guest accidentally break something, you won’t be left with a large bill.

These are just a general overview of how our specialist Holiday Home insurance aims to support holiday home owners. We always encourage anyone looking for insurance to read their Policy document in order to fully understand the cover you have in place and also ensure that when you’re looking for quotes that you are comparing like for like cover.

For further information on UK holiday home insurance visit the website page most relevant to you:

For more information on how our specialist holiday home insurance could help cover your property please give our friendly team a call on 01237 429444. 

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