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Holiday Home Insurance Policy Warranties – Restrictive Clauses Or Just Good Housekeeping? That time of the year is upon us when your holiday let may be unnocupied for a few weeks at a time. Owners must ensure that they check and abide by any policy warranties. A warranty is a policy condition which must be adhered to otherwise cover could be revoked and claims unpaid.

Boshers Holiday Home Insurance Policies have the following warranties. We believe that adhering to them is not only good housekeeping, but will also reduce the occurance of claims and therefore help to minimise stress and premium increases!

Unoccupied premises warranty
It is warranted that whenever the premises are left untenanted during the months of October to April inclusive you will arrange that either

a) the central heating system is brought into operation and a minimum room temperature of not less than 45°F or 7°C maintained or

b) the water is turned off at the stopcock inside the premises and the domestic water system drained and other services such as electricity and gas disconnected (other than as necessary to maintain the central heating or security systems).

Inspection warranty
It is warranted that whenever the premises are left untenanted the premises must be inspected at least every other week by you or by an authorised person responsible to you.

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