Three reasons to choose our Holiday Home Insurance

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Why choose Boshers for your holiday home insurance?

Holiday Home Front Door We spend every day talking to holiday homeowners. It’s what we do and as a specialist it gives us a unique insight into the industry and the insurance cover your holiday home really needs.

Whilst there’re many reasons to choose specialist Holiday Home insurance from Boshers, liability cover for paying guests being just one of them, here are three other ways our insurance Policy supports our holiday homeowners when they need it the most.

Full loss of rental income: Included as standard

What would you do if damage to your holiday home meant you were unable to let it during the busiest time of the year? 

If your holiday home becomes uninhabitable as the result of something outside your control such as fire or flood it can have serious financial consequences. With the average holiday home taking 80% of all bookings for the period of May to September the impact can be even greater if the incident falls during the busy summer months.

If the worst does happen our insurance Policy really is here to support you.

Our Loss of Income cover means you’ll not need to fit the bill for the potential loss of bookings and cancellations you have to make while restoring your holiday home to its former glory.

Experience tells us that whilst in an ideal world all bookings would be made early, for some a higher proportion will be taken at the last minute. We’ll be able to look at bookings taken for a similar period in previous years in order to make sure you get the right amount of cover for the losses you’re incurring.

We also know that things don’t happen over night and repairs can take time; our indemnity extends to two years, which is plenty of time to get you back on your feet.

Accidental Damage to Buildings or Contents

What would you do if a guest knocks a bottle of red wine onto your cream carpet meaning it needs to be replaced?

Whilst some wear and tear is inevitable for your holiday home, accidents that leave the property uninhabitable as a result can happen.

In these circumstances you’ll want to find the best possible solution in the shortest possible time so as to minimise potential disruption.

Our Holiday Home insurance Policy covers accidental damage to both the buildings and the contents of your holiday home.  This means that if there is significant damage caused to your property as the result of an accident or even malicious damage by paying guests we’ll support you in getting it sorted.

Theft or Attempted Theft

What would you do if your guests went to the beach for the day and left a window open, resulting in the theft of property from your holiday home?

Guests will often spend a large amount of their time outside of your property, hopefully enjoying the great British countryside or coastline bathed in glorious sunshine. This means that your holiday home will be empty for many hours during the day, making it a potential target for opportunistic thefts.

As many holiday home owners live away from their property it can be difficult to police how seriously your guests treat the security of your holiday home; it can be tempting for example to leave a window open during the day to avoid returning to a stuffy and intolerably hot living room.

If you’re holiday home is the victim of a theft or damaged as the result of an attempted theft we’ll again be able to cover you for the losses you incur.

Always read the Policy

These are just a general overview of how our specialist Holiday Home insurance aims to support holiday home owners. We always encourage anyone looking for insurance to read their Policy document in order to fully understand the cover you have in place and also ensure that when you’re looking for quotes that you are comparing like for like cover.

For further information or if you require a quotation from a specialist for your holiday home insurance call our team on 01237 429444.

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  1. Susie Carpenter
    Susie Carpenter says:

    My parents have a large house in Swanage with a self contained annexe (own front door) which they have always let as a holiday home over the summer months. They are trying to get one policy to cover their home and the “flat”. Do you have anything that I could take with me to discuss when I visit them next week as they are in their early eighties and not computer savvy.

    • Mark Lavington
      Mark Lavington says:

      Our Holiday Home Insurance team are experienced in advising owners of homes with holiday letting annexes. It would be best if you phone our quote line on 01237 429444 when you are with your parents and we will do our best to help you with a combination of home and holiday home insurance policies.


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