Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in holiday homes

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In this post we take a look at the Fire Safety Of Furniture and Furnishings in Holiday Homes And Furnished Residential Properties. A Comprehensive Guide To The UK Regulations.

An amendment to the Regulations made in 1993 requires that all furniture supplied within rented accommodation (including those classified as ‘fixtures and fittings’) needs to meet the full requirements of the Regulations. These include holiday homes and residential furnished accommodation (such as houses, flats and bed-sits) which are let in the course of business, and affect persons who let such accommodation as a business activity.

Furniture purchased since March 1990 should satisfy the Regulations and be permanently labelled. However, furniture purchased prior to this date will not necessarily satisfy all of the regulatory requirements. Furniture manufactured prior to 1950 is outside the scope of these Regulations. To learn more about Fire Safety Of Furniture and Furnishings in Holiday Homes And Furnished Residential Properties read this Comprehensive Guide To The UK Regulations, by clicking here.

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