add value to your holiday home with technology

Five pieces of technology to add value to your holiday home

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add value to your holiday home with technologyTechnology continues to revolutionise and push the boundaries of how we go about our every day lives. So how can we use it to reduce costs, to add value and encourage visitors to our holiday homes, all without costing the earth?

Add value to your holiday home

We take a look at some of the very best gadgets and technology you may be considering to add value to your holiday home.

  • Radiator Reflectors

More and more cottages are looking to gain bookings in the shoulder and winter months. One of the biggest costs associated with these bookings will be the ever-increasing heating bills, with any way in which these can be managed and lowered potentially very lucrative.

If your holiday home uses radiated heat, it’s highly likely your radiators will be attached to the walls of your property. This means that a high proportion of the heat emitted will be radiated into the wall and lost.

Radiator reflector panels can be attached to the majority of radiators, meaning all of your heat is radiated back into the room for your visitors to enjoy, rather than having expensively warmed heated walls! You’ll find more information on radiator reflector panels in our previous post – Ideas for holiday home owners to reduce heating costs.

  • Remote heat control

Continuing with the heating theme, systems such as Hive, Nest and Active-Heating mean you can now control the heating in your holiday home from a phone, computer or tablet, rather than having to visit your property and manually adjust.

When might this come in handy?

Particularly for owners that live a considerable distance from their holiday home or when winter month bookings are intermittent, meaning the property goes through sporadic periods of occupancy.

  • Curved televisions

Whilst we all long for a summer of beautiful sunshine, on some days the weather will conspire against us, bringing families and traveling groups together in front of the evening television.

If your holiday home caters for large groups you may be enticed by the latest craze in televisions; curved screens.

There’s nothing worse than being the person stuck on the sofa with a poor view of the television. These screens mean that every single visitor you have will gain the best view as a result of their enhanced viewing angles.

You can now watch the television from almost anywhere, with little or no loss in quality.

  • Television Recorders

Even in poor weather, your visitors will likely spend a good deal of time away from your holiday home. When arriving back they may well like to catch up on their favourite programmes; a recording system will ensure they never miss a second.

These come in many different forms, from Freeview Recorders to Sky +.

Why not ask your visitors if there’s anything they need recorded before their stay and have it set up ready for their arrival?

Yet another thing that can now be done remotely!

  • Wireless Speakers

Wires are never going to be an attractive part of your property, so with the growing abundance of technology flowing into your holiday home how do you ensure it remains more tranquil oasis and less computer server room?

Speakers often reside a long or considerable distance from their hub, particularly if you have a home cinema or music entertainment system in your holiday home.

Developments in this area mean that wireless speakers are becoming better in sound quality and also lower in price.

Trunking or wires running along the carpet line could now be a thing of the past!

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