Holiday Let Owners – Beware The Big Freeze!


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Holiday Let Owners – Beware The Big Freeze! What could be better than a brisk walk, followed by snuggling up with a hot chocolate beside a roaring log fire in your UK holiday cottage this winter? 

However between now and February half-term the reality is that many holiday homes will be unoccupied and susceptible to pipes bursting in freezing weather, especially if owners have not taken precautions.
According to XCWeather temperatures across many areas of the UK are due to drop well below freezing over the next few days.
In the twelve months to November 2011 35% of our holiday home insurance claims by number were as a result of escape of water. These claims accounted for a staggering 71% of the overall claims payments by value.
As many holiday home owners have unfortunately found out, suffering escape of water damage in your holiday home can be very traumatic and often not detected until someone informs you of water pouring out of the front door! 
The good news is that by taking small precautions, such as our tips to avoid burst pipes and adhering to your holiday home insurance unoccupancy conditions you will significantly reduce the risk. 
Apologies if we are preaching to the converted, we realise that the majority of holiday home owners are extremely careful but the best of us can get caught out.
  • Check out the 7 day forecast for your Holiday Home Postcode here
  • Check out our Tips To Avoid Burst Pipes here 
  • Boshers Holiday Home Insurance policyholders unoccupancy conditions are here          
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