It’s Official – Exchange Rates Help To Fuel UK Tourism

Last Updated on December 2, 2009 by admin

The Minister of State, Department for Culture, Media and Sport (Margaret Hodge) recently reported to the House Of Commons. “The number of overseas tourists who visited England in each of the past three years is as follows: in 2006, 27,586,288; in 2007, 27,794,425; in 2008, 27,291,584. Figures for 2009 show a downward trend in numbers, reflecting the global recession and particularly a downturn in business tourism. However, spend by those tourists is up by 2 per cent. compared to last year. In the month of July, domestic tourism increased by 20 per cent. compared with July 2008, which is the best figure we have had for quite a long time.” 

With no sign of Stirling strengthening significantly against the Euro this trend looks set to continue for the 2010 Furnished Holiday Letting season.

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