Regulatory Burden On Self-Catering Accommodation Providers

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Regulatory Burden On Self-Catering Accommodation Providers. According to announcements should be expected soon on various issues affecting the regulatory burden faced by holiday home owners. On the one hand an independent group of industry experts have identified 53 regulations that can be repealed or revised to help tourism.

On the one hand announcements are pending on proposed revisions to the Controlled Waste Regulations which will allow local authorities to charge for the collection of waste from self-catering accommodation.

In addition an announcement is expected on the Government Equality Office decision on the implementation of the Age Discrimination section of the Equality Act. This could affect the ability of self-catering businesses to restrict bookings from groups such as stag, hen or graduation parties which it can be argued are age related.

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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    Great news the unnecessary regulation is to be reduced. As quiet family focussed holiday cottage complex in Cornwall, shouldn't we have the choice to turn down bookings from groups of 18 year-olds celebrating a birthday party? The age-discrimination law will prevent us from turning down such bookings.

    Bamham Farm Cottages, Cornwall


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