Marketing your holiday home as suitable for walkers

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Hiking, walking and exploring – a growing Holiday Home market

iStock_000021901682SmallFresh air, stunning views, great company and the sun on your back, what could be better than enjoying a walk in the British countryside?

Your doctor will likely agree; from lowering stress levels to a reduction in potential coronary complications, studies indicate there are many benefits to getting out for a daily walk.  NHS research has recently shown that those walking an extra 2,000 steps a day were 8% less likely to suffer from a cardiovascular event.

Combine this with the fact it’s an activity that is relatively cost free, is able to be enjoyed by all age groups and that we have an abundant natural resource waiting to be explored, you’ll quickly understand the growing popularity of walking amongst self-catering holiday home guests. We explore how you can make your holiday home walking friendly and opportunities for marketing your holiday home as suitable for walkers.

So how do you ensure that your holiday home is able to keep up with the ground swell of walkers marching toward your property?

Provide them with the information they need

Make life as easy as possible for your visitors to find the most appropriate local walks and routes. Some will be looking for challenging terrain, others for a leisurely stroll towards a beer garden or something they can enjoy as a family, so it’s vital they’re able to easily understand which routes are going to be most appropriate for them.

Also think about other things they may wish to do while out walking. Are there picnic facilities? A beach, woodland or great local pub? Play areas for the kids or wildlife viewing areas?  If so how far are they away from your holiday home and how long in minutes may the walk be?

Answer all of the questions your visitor may have.

Think about how to and where to communicate this information

The most obvious place to provide your guests with this information will be in your visitor information pack but the journey toward that walk will begin long before they step through your door. Ensure your website has sufficient information on local walks and scenery in order to make sure they know they exist.

Use what is around you to your advantage in marketing your property. The old adage remains that a picture speaks a thousand words; if the walks are incredibly scenic ensure photography and images form a large part of your communication here.

These can also be used in your social media activity; photographs can break through the clutter of a heavily populated Twitter or Facebook news feed, gaining more likes and re-tweets along the way.

Remember social groups are bound together by common interests so always encourage guests to share with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

They are your potential guests of the future.

A place to put muddy boots and clothes

With just a few tweaks you can make your holiday home more suitable for walkers, at very little expense. Not many of us would be unwilling to admit that the British weather can be somewhat inclement at times.  With that come muddy boots and wet clothes. Consider having somewhere that boots and trainers can be placed and stored, either at an entrance or in a porch or patio area. This will avoid mud being trampled through the interior of your home.

Also look at installing facilities where sodden clothes can be hung and aired. If you don’t have masses of room for this there are plenty of space saving options available on the market.

Services your visitors may need

Whilst we hope your guests will have an enjoyable experience of the great outdoors sometimes things will go wrong. Whether that’s a tangle with some unfriendly brambles or a twisted ankle ensure your guests are provided with the contact information of local services, such as accident and emergency or doctors practices, along with a first aid kit within your holiday home.

Boshers are specialist providers of insurance for holiday homes and cottages. For more information on how a specialist insurer can help and support your holiday home business, please give us a call on 01237 429444. 

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