How being proactive can limit damage to your holiday home during extreme weather

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How being proactive can limit damage to your holiday home during extreme weather

How being proactive can limit damage to your holiday home during extreme weather

Very few areas of the country have been able to avoid the battering the UK has faced from the recent winter weather. With more high winds and heavy rain predicted in the coming weeks we’re encouraging holiday home owners to stay vigilant and proactive in regularly checking their properties in order to minimise potential damage.

Here are just a few things you should be considering:

When did you last inspect your property?

Damage can emerge and develop quickly so it’s vital your property is regularly checked. If you’re unable to check yourself ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye out or better still employ a property management company who’ll have years of experience in dealing with potential issues.

Are trees and branches safe?

Have nearby trees suffered from wind damage or become unstable as a result of flooding? Do they pose a risk of falling on property or nearby cars and roads?

Being proactive in managing the risks posed by falling trees can save costly potential expenses and disruption.

Are your slates slipping or tiles dislodged?

One of the most common issues during high winds is slipping slates or tiles. A slate falling from a roof, no matter what the weather, can do a lot of damage to surrounding property or visiting guests so it’s important to get any issues addressed by a professional as quickly as possible.

Make sure rain water has somewhere to go

Check your guttering, downpipes and drains for damage and debris, ensure they are clear. It’s important these checks are undertaken on a regular basis to prevent water ingress and subsequent property damage from overspilling guttering or blocked drains. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

Clear up debris

If debris has been blown into your property or the surrounding area ensure it is collected and removed as quickly as possible. Depending on size and nature, it can not only cause damage to property but also increase the risk of slips, trips and falls for your guests.

Fallen power lines and cables

There have been recent occasions on which power lines and cables have fallen or been dislodged. These can be incredibly dangerous so please do stay clear and report to your energy supplier as soon as possible.

Have you reported damage to your insurer?

Remember that if you have suffered damage to your holiday home you should inform your insurer as soon as you become aware in order that they may deal with your claim.

Stay safe

Above all, make sure you stay safe. Don’t put yourself in danger in order to check your property. It can be a difficult time if your holiday home has suffered storm damage but take all measures possible to ensure your property is safe for you to enter before doing so.

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