Why using a specialist is key

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The benefits of a holiday home insurance specialist

Boshers Ltd Holiday Home Insurance Team

Specialist is a word that is often used and it’s one that means a lot to us as a company.  We are specialists; we’ve been specialising in offering insurance to holiday homeowners across the UK for more than 20 years. Here are our thoughts on why using a specialist is key.

We believe that with specialism comes an understanding of the issues holiday homeowners are facing and it’s this level of familiarity that means we strive to be a value added service to your holiday home; a trusted adviser rather than just a service provider.

After all, life as a holiday homeowner isn’t always plain sailing.  Dealing with issues from a distance, the increasingly volatile nature of the seasonal weather and an industry in which a large percentage of trade is done during the summer months means you’ll have plenty on your plate.

Having the right insurance cover can become another on a long list of things to do and to get right.  What we strive to do is make sure this item on your list is very much ticked off so you can focus your time and commitment on offering your visitors the very highest level of standards you provide.

With 396 years of combined experience we know the industry

On average each member of the Boshers insurance team has in excess of 30 years experience working with holiday homeowners.

We think we’ve seen pretty much everything we could do over the years and that gives us a unique opportunity to be proactive, to understand what it is you need from your insurer and identify the insurance you need, along with things you might not have thought of.

With insurance it’s no good flagging up issues once they have happened.  You want to know you’re covered for what you need to be and that your insurer understands your needs.

Speaking to the same person each time

What this experience also brings is a level of continuity to our service.  The likelihood is that the person you spoke to last time is the person you’ll speak to next time.  You’ll never be passed from pillar to post.

Developing long-term relationships is a key factor in attracting people back to your property time and time again.  These same long-term relationships are the bedrock for our insurance services, and along with the level of service we provide holiday homeowners with has helped us to have one of the best retention rates in the insurance business.

We believe in specialism and we believe in helping property owners.

We look forward to helping you.

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