clean holiday home

10 steps to revive your holiday homes interior

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clean holiday home

Although your holiday home will have a thorough clean at every changeover, overtime dirt, grime and dust can gradually build up in those hard to reach areas affecting the natural aroma of your property.

Dazzling your guests with a sparkling holiday home that smells clean and fresh will encourage them to treat it with respect and tell others about their great stay.

A clean holiday home is a safe holiday home

A clean holiday home is a safe holiday home and just maybe these 10 steps to revive your holiday homes interior will help you put that extra sparkle back as well as keeping you and your guests’ safe.

  1. Working from the top down – dust first, then vacuum using a model with a clean HEPA filter, this will reduce allergy causing carpet mites.
  2. Pull your furniture away – from walls and move beds away from where they stand to allow access to wash and vacuum the walls, carpets and furniture backs as appropriate.
  3. Gather the dust with a radiator brush – use radiator brushes to clean dust from inside double radiators and behind them.
  4. Steam clean and your upholstery will gleam – your upholsteries every 6 months, this includes, curtains, sofas etc
  5. Deep clean your carpets every six months to ensure they are kept fresh and wash walls, skirting and architraves
  6. Shine up those shower doors – rubbing a teaspoon of lemon oil on glass shower doors twice a month causes water to bead up and roll off.
  7. Don’t let the bathroom mould get a hold – scrub away black mould from baths, showers, sinks, walls, ceilings and sanitary ware. Replace silicone sealant where necessary. Reduce condensation by supplying a window squeegee for your guests to remove excess water from shower cubicles and screens and regularly clean your bathroom extractor fan grille to maintain its efficiency.
  8. Make those windows sparkle – clean the insides of your windows regularly, and at least twice a year open them and clean inside the frames. Mould can build up inside the openings, especially on UPVC window frames in humid coastal areas.
  9. Don’t let the bed bugs bite – Use mite resistant covers on mattresses, duvets, pillow cases and cushion covers. Periodically place cushions and pillows in plastic bags, squeeze as much air out as possible to reduce the volume and place them in a freezer for 48 hours, this will kill any mites that have made themselves at home in your furnishings.
  10. A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen – Remove all cutlery, crockery and pans from kitchen units. Deep clean inside of units. Check contents for chips, cracks, dents, loose handles and replace as necessary. Deep clean the oven, pans and grill. Replace extractor hood filters at least annually.
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  1. Patricia Costello
    Patricia Costello says:

    Some use full tips especially the one about putting pillows in the freezer I would never have thought of that


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