Insurance for Listed Holiday Lets

Insurance for Listed Holiday Lets with Heritage


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Insurance for Listed Holiday Lets

Hucksteps Row, Rye, Sussex, Grade II Listed, Kent and Sussex Holiday Cottages

When we search for a holiday many of us will look to the nearest beach, others toward finding a secluded spot in the countryside, maybe even a combination of both that will keep our young family occupied for a full week.

No matter what you’re looking for, one thing you’ll never be short of in the United Kingdom is heritage. There are no fewer than 380,000 listed buildings on our shores, and with many of them now able to be used as holiday homes we take a look at the unique insurance requirements that come with owning your very own slice of history.

Specialist Insurance for Listed Holiday Lets 

As the owner of a listed property you’ll no doubt be familiar with the sometimes stringent guidelines and regulations surrounding your holiday home. For this reason we offer listed property owners a specialist and bespoke policy, understanding that because your holiday home is like no other, your insurance shouldn’t be either.

Here are just a few of the areas you’ll be covered for when you choose our insurance for listed holiday lets:

Archaeological Costs up to £250,000

Damage to a holiday home can be potentially catastrophic, particularly in lost bookings, expense and the stress of returning your property to its former glory.  With listed buildings this process can also be complex; you may require archaeological or rescue work to salvage original materials in order to perform the necessary restorations.

Our policy covers these costs for you, meaning you’ll have the support and understanding of Boshers when it comes to the requirements placed on you by local authorities.

20% of your sum insured to meet local council requirements

If a listed property is damaged the local council will often impose certain conditions upon the restoration of the property.  We know and understand this process, so our policy offers a further 20% of your buildings sum insured to cover the expense of meeting these requirements in the event your property is damaged as the result of an insured event, such as fire or flood.

Loss of rental income

If your holiday home does become uninhabitable as the result of something outside your control such as fire or flood it can have serious financial consequences.  Restoring a listed property will often take longer than a standard holiday home, meaning the potential loss of income can be even greater.

If the worst does happen our insurance Policy really is here to support you.

Our Loss of Income cover means you’ll not need to foot the bill for the potential loss of bookings and cancellations you have to make while you get your property ready to take guests again.

Experience tells us that whilst in an ideal world all bookings would be made early, for some a higher proportion will be taken at the last minute. We’ll be able to look at bookings taken for a similar period in previous years in order to make sure you get the right amount of cover for the losses you’re incurring.

Experience and Expertise

When you insure your listed property with Boshers you’ll not only benefit from more than 20 years of specialist holiday home insurance experience, you’ll also be teaming up with the UK’s leader in providing insurance for properties just like yours.

Our Policies are underwritten by Ecclesiastical, who insure more Grade I listed buildings than any other insurer, including 42 of the 43 cathedrals in the UK.

Together you can be sure you’ll get the perfect blend of holiday home and listed building experience, ensuring you have the cover that you need.

Boshers are specialist providers of Listed Holiday Home Insurance. For more information on how a specialist insurer can help and support your holiday home business, please give us a call on 01237 429444. 

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