Owners improving their holiday home WOW FACTOR should consider their holiday home insurance!


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Owners improving their holiday home WOW FACTOR should consider their holiday home insurance! In a competitive domestic self-catering holiday market, holiday home owners are increasingly turning to property improvements to increase the WOW FACTOR and appeal of their holiday homes, cottages and apartments.

When planning to undertake major improvements which go beyond new decor, owners are reminded to contact their holiday home insurance provider for advices prior to the work commencing and just as importantly after works have been completed in order that sums insured can be adjusted accordingly. The benefit of keeping your holiday home insurance adviser in the loop is that you can then rest assured in the knowledge that you will have the corrrect cover in place.

For information on ensuring that your holiday home insurance sums insured are correct, read Boshers Guide to Holiday Home Insurance Sums Insured.

We at Boshers understand the needs of holiday home, cottage complex and apartment owners. If you do not already benefit from our comprehensive holiday home insurance policy, contact us today on 01237 429444 or email cottages@boshers.co.uk and we’ll make a diary note to speak to you nearer your renewal date.

For further information on UK holiday home insurance visit the website page most relevant to you:

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