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Legal Expenses Insurance

This provides cover for legal fees, compensation awards or appeal costs arising from a wide range of legal disputes that you may become involved in as a Holiday Home Owner whilst running your holiday let business. Cover for all claims occurring at the same time or from the same originating cause is limited, in the case of Boshers Holiday Home Insurance Legal Expenses to £100,000.

Legal Expenses Insurance may protect your commercial holiday let business legal position in the areas shown below:

Employment disputes
Such as negotiating for an insured person’s legal rights in an Employment Tribunal for a dispute arising from their employment contract.

Contract disputes
Such as negotiating your legal rights in a dispute arising from an agreement for the sale, hire or purchase of goods and services or in connection with the buying or selling of your holiday let.

Bodily injury
Such as pursuing your legal rights following accidental death or physical injury.
Property protection
Such as pursuing your legal rights following damage to your holiday let for problems such as nuisance and trespass.

Legal defence
Defence of criminal prosecutions arising from your employment and the defence of civil actions in specified circumstances.

Holiday let Such as negotiating for your legal rights:
after an event which causes physical damage to your property; and to evict anyone in your property who does not have your permission to be there.
Defending your legal rights if an event arising from you letting your property leads to you being prosecuted in a criminal court.

Study the wording of the Legal Insurance Section closely as all policies have differing levels of cover.

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