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Keeping your Holiday Let Welcome Folder fresh has many benefits

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holiday let welcome folder You only get one chance to make a first impression; your dazzling holiday home will ensure guests are happy with the accommodation, but when was the last time you updated your Holiday Let Welcome Folder?

If the answer is more than a year, now could be the time to get that information folder up to date and working to your advantage; we explore the benefits of the often much maligned holiday let welcome folder.

Benefits of keeping the information in your holiday let welcome folder fresh

Make life easy for guests

It may have been a long drive, often through summer traffic or winter weather; the first thing your guests want to do is relax, and your welcome pack can help them do that.

Whether it’s the Wi-Fi code, or how to master that brand new television and DVD combo you’ve installed, your welcome pack should give them all the information they need to make their stay in your cottage like a home away from home; just how they want it to be.

Integrate with the local community

They’ve had time to relax; now they’re ready to explore and get outside.  The tourism industry is made up of a diverse range of businesses, from Michelin Star restaurants to family theme park attractions and it’s vital that they all work closely together to provide the best possible destination experience.

Remember, your visitors won’t be familiar with the finest local eateries or family days out, and this is exactly where your welcome pack should help them.

You want to make sure they have a great stay; and that means a fantastic time whilst in, and out of, your holiday home.

Appeal to visitor interests

Does the information you have in your welcome pack appeal to your visitor’s interests? If your cottage appeals to young families, is the information in your pack prescribed to these guests?

Located in a fantastic surfing location? How about the perfect highland hiking territory?

Effective marketing is about understanding your visitors and what they want.  By giving them the information to facilitate a great stay, you’ll be adding value to their experience of your holiday home, which leads us nicely on to our next point.

Encourage repeat bookings

Too much to do in a single visit? Or a stay that was so enjoyable that they have to return? Either way, your welcome pack should give them the information to leave them wanting more, which is exactly what you want.

Keep your cottage running like clockwork

The benefits don’t stop with giving your guests all the ingredients and knowledge to have a great holiday; how about providing them with the information that ensures your holiday cottage continues to run like clockwork; even during the busiest times.

Information on the disposal of household waste, recycling and collection days will ensure your guests know their housekeeping obligations, leaving you without the worry of a growing backlog of bin bags.

Embrace technology to give your guests options

We all like to digest information in different ways. Giving your visitors the option of an online welcome pack, as well as avoiding those dog-eared leaflets from yesteryear, will ensure that the marketing of your property and surrounding area is catering for everyone.

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