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Top 10 content ideas for your Holiday Let Welcome Folder

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holiday let welcome folderThe holiday let welcome folder; so often the first point of contact that the visitor will have once they’ve made their way into your holiday home. We take a look at ten content areas to make sure that yours is a success, and adds value to their stay.

  1. A warm welcome

Whilst in all likelihood you won’t meet with your guests in person, it’s still a nice touch to kick off with a short note wishing them an enjoyable stay.  This personal approach will give a positive first impression, and set the tone for the rest of your welcome pack.

2. Technology

Many holiday homes will now be packed full with an abundance of technology; but do your guests know how to use it? We suggest having the vital Wi-Fi network information toward the front of your pack, along with instructions and guides on how to control other technology, such as televisions and ovens.

3. Health and Safety

Should the worse happen, you want to make sure that your guests are kept safe, and also minimise any potential damage to your holiday home; having detailed information on what to do in the event of incidents such as fire or storm damage to the property will increase the chances of this happening.

4. Gas Safety

Gas safety is an area in which guests are becoming increasing knowledgeable. An up to date copy of your Gas Safety Certificate for any boilers or appliances should be included within your welcome pack.

5. Destination Marketing

Your guests want to get out and explore the local area; your welcome pack should give them information on everything it has to offer.  Whether it’s menus from the very best restaurants, family fun days out or spine tingling spots for surfing, make sure that nothing is left out of this section.

6. Building Trust

People trust other people’s experiences, opinions and feedback.   Don’t believe us? Take a quick think about the success of Tripadvisor!

If you’ve been to the restaurants or destinations included in your welcome pack, let them know which ones you recommend and why.  Giving it your personal stamp of approval will encourage them to visit, and you’ll know that they’ll have an enjoyable experience.

7. Housekeeping

To keep the housekeeping of your holiday home ticking over ensure that information on the disposal of household waste and recycling, including details of collection days or where to leave it in the mean time are included in your pack.

8. Appealing to Visitor Interests

You need to be playing to your strengths; the likelihood is that people are not only drawn to your holiday home, but also the area that surrounds it.  Is your cottage popular with hikers? Surfers? Young families? Ensure that your welcome pack meets the needs of your visitors.

If it’s surfers think about adding tide times and secret spots.  Hikers? consider adding maps and routes with varying difficulties; and always remember they’ll need somewhere to stop off and eat, or enjoy a drink!

9. Emergency and Helpful Contact Information

Sometimes things won’t go according to plan.  If your guests do need a dentist, doctor or the nearest accident and emergency during their stay ensure contact information for all of these is readily available.

10. Feedback and Complaints

Always include an area in which your guests can leave their feedback, and also information about how to make a complaint, if they need to.  Remember, if a visitor does make a complaint, if handled well, it can still be turned to a positive experience.  Your welcome pack should be the first step in this process.

If you have any advice to add to our Top 10 Content Ideas for your Holiday Let Welcome Folder please leave a comment below.

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  1. Pat Tumilty
    Pat Tumilty says:

    We now collect the customers email address at point of entry, so that we can forward links/info. from our local tourist board, which maybe of interest to the guests during there stay.

    (Fernhill Lodge)


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