Year round holiday letting occupancy

Year round holiday let occupancy

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Year round holiday let occupancyIs year round holiday let occupancy achievable? There’s no denying that most holidays take place during the summer months. That doesn’t mean that your holiday home should only focus on the warmest season to attract guests. In recent years there has been a marked increase in autumn, winter, and spring breaks, particularly within the British Isles. This means you could get a great amount of trade during the rest of the year, but you’ll have to be active online to get the message across.

Good photography will increase holiday let occupancy

When was the last time you updated the photography on your website? Many owners can be guilty of leaving the same photos on their site for years on end, so now is the time to stand up and get it changed in order to attract those winter warmers in your holiday home!

Having great photography to show off your holiday home is always a good thing. You can make it even better by featuring photos of your property throughout the different seasons. People respond well to images, so show them that your cottage is a wonderful and cosy place to stay in autumn or winter. it will really encourage them to book during the low season.

Balance shots of the exterior and interior, but do make sure the winter pictures are cosy and charming, not rainy and grey!

Let people know you’re open

Now is a great time to be highlighting winter availability. Potential guests may be unsure as to whether you’re open throughout the year, so you’ve got to tell them. Many holiday homes will already be promoting Christmas and new year availability so if your cottage is the perfect new year or festive pad, ensure that you don’t miss the boat by leaving it too late.

You may think it’s obvious that your let is available, and that people can check the availability themselves through an online booking system, but that extra reminder could convince a few extra guests to book a winter retreat.

Email, Twitter and Facebook should all be in your plans. Use social media to drive people to your website to book, not rely on them finding it and researching your open season themselves.

Tell people about activities

This is where you can really make the most of social media. Tweet and post on Facebook and Instagram about different things to do in the local area. From indoor play areas for kids, to museums and galleries, let people know that there is plenty to do rain or shine. Tag the accounts of the attractions and you may get a re-tweet and have your cottage shown off to their followers, of which there could be thousands.

Remember that winter attractions will be different to summer. Ensure your content is up to date and that you’re working with all of the other local businesses to promote your destination and local area to potential visitors.

Blog about the seasons

Does your website have a blog? Then you should be making the most of it. Remember this doesn’t need to be reams and reams of words; you’ll get more engagement through photography. Whether it’s the snow or the autumn leaves falling, ensure photos are displayed throughout your blog. Share them on social media too.

For some other ideas; is your garden full of beautiful flowers in the spring? Let people know. If you provide buckets and spades in the summer, tell everyone. If the autumn brings out your great selection of puzzles and books, show them off. And if winter makes your house feel cosy and warm, make sure guests know about it.

Use testimonials from all year round

Testimonials and reviews are becoming increasingly important in gaining bookings and increasing year round holiday let occupancy. When your autumn guests provide a testimonial, show it off. Letting potential guests know that you do get bookings at that time will help you increase your holiday let occupancy. The positive words of another guest will really seal the deal for many future visitors.

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