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How to create a light and inviting holiday home with neutral interior décor

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holiday cottage neutral decorTake a look around your home; what is it that makes it unique and yours, rather than just any old property? Whilst some will say memories, many will say the stamp they’ve put on the place; the extra touches they’ve made, or the changes they’ve crafted.

We all decorate our own homes to our own tastes; makes perfect sense as we’re the ones living there and we want to be surrounded by items that we find to be attractive and appealing. But what happens when you’re decorating your holiday home?

You’re not the only one that’s going to be enjoying it, so how do you decorate in a way that doesn’t alienate the market you’re trying to persuade? The answer is of course creating a light and inviting holiday home with neutral interior décor. Let us tell you why that doesn’t always need to mean magnolia, cream and all things bland…


Try taking inspiration from your surroundings with the colour scheme, without getting too carried away. If you’re on the coast you could try soft blues combined with shades of white or cream. If you’re in the countryside, take inspiration from the trees and grass outdoors and have little touches of green throughout your holiday let; combining this with warm creams will make the property feel cosy yet classic. Urban holiday homes can’t be forgotten either; a classic white keeps things modern and fresh (and believe us there are many shades of white!).

If you want to have simple walls in cream or white, then you could choose an accent colour in each room. A plain white living room can be brought to life with a splash of colour in the furniture and accessories. It’s important to keep a good balance of accent colour and neutral colour; take it too far and the room could look garish.


Ornaments are a tricky one; that favourite china cat statue may have been in the house for the past decade, but it won’t be popular with everyone. Sticking to simple, modern accessories is the best way to add a homely yet stylish touch to your holiday home. Soft blankets in tones that work with your colour scheme, plain cushions, simply framed mirrors; these are all things that will work well for your neutral interior décor, yet also add some personality and life.

Lighting is another important aspect. By day, there may be plenty of natural sunlight, but in the evening your guests could create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere with lamps. Tall, free standing lights and table lamps both work well; just make sure they’re placed correctly to provide the right amount of illumination. Add extra control to your lighting by installing dimmer switches. This will also have the added advantage of keeping the assessor happy when your holiday home is quality assessed.


This is where you’ll need to think practically. Guests will expect durable and good quality beds, sofas, tables, and chairs so make sure you are providing that. It may be tempting to get that cheap sofa from Ikea, but investing in a quality one will save you money in the long term and provide visitors with a comfortable place to relax.

Simple styles are also best in terms of furniture. Plain fabrics and classic looks work best, you can add a finishing touch with stylish duvets and cushions on beds and sofas, and table cloths and heat mats on tables.

What does your target market think

Ultimately your holiday home needs to appeal to a certain type of person and you need to think of them at all times. If young children are going to be present then you will of course cut down on small additions to your cottage that could be swallowed, or easily broken.

A young couple on a walking holiday will be wanting more functional items such as wet clothes storage items, whilst the more romantic upon us might want some cosy blankets to cuddle under in the winter months.

Keep it natural, use neutral interior décor in line with what your guests want, and you’ll not go far wrong.

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