Top tips for end of season holiday cottage maintenance

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holiday-cottage-maintenanceThe main letting season has come to an end and despite strong shoulder month bookings, you might just have a little more time on your hands than you had from May through to October. Once you’ve had a chance to relax, reflect and refresh, now could be a great time to make sure your holiday cottage is in as finer form as it was at the beginning of the letting season.

Take this time of year as a chance to get all those little odd jobs done, as well as completing some basic tasks which will make a real difference when we get into spring and summer next year. Check out these top tips for end of season holiday cottage maintenance.

Damage repair

Many visitors bring much wear and tear! Wobbly handles, dodgy taps, and wonky chairs can now get the attention they deserve. Whilst they may sound innocuous, accidents can come from the smallest issues in your cottage, so make sure you stay on top of these and also use it as a chance to meet the very high standards your guests set for your accommodation.

If you’ve had younger guests, you may even find the odd stain or mucky handprint, so now is the time to put on a fresh lick of paint and spruce the house up a bit. It’s also important to check your heating system and boiler and get it serviced by a qualified professional.

Whilst over high season you will have either been cleaning yourself or using a professional, now is the time to have a really deep clean of your holiday cottage. As part of your holiday cottage maintenance programme, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned; it can really give a tired, post-season room a boost. Pull out all the furniture and give them some elbow grease to get the place sparkling and fresh

Weather proofing

With low season comes bad weather. We can’t avoid the wind and rain that comes our way, but we can prepare our holiday cottages for it. The first port of call is to check guttering and drains are free from any obstruction; water only causes an issue when it hasn’t got anywhere to go!

Also check for visibly loose roof tiles which may be swept off by howling winds, something which can cause major accidents and problems should they fall to the ground. It’s also important to have a scout around for leaky windows, doors and signs of water ingress on ceilings; catching a problem earliy can save time, money and cancelled bookings!

Get gardening

Preparing your garden for the coming winter months is vital. Pruning climbing roses and similar plants will be worth the time and effort when they bloom in Spring. Once they’ve finished flowering, prune them and tie in the stems to prevent any damage from autumnal winds. You also need to clear back any overhanging plants. Not only will these drop leaves and create slipping hazards on the floor below, they could also cause chaos on a stormy day.

Also remember to store away any garden furniture or trampolines; these have a propensity to fly a long way if caught in stormy weather, so ensure it’s safe and secure within a garden shed or somewhere with significant cover.

Winter guests

Ensure that your cottage is ready for the autumn and winter months by understanding the needs of your guests. We’re talking winter duvets (around 12 tog), cosy decorations and blankets, and a working, fully stocked fireplace (if you have one). They’ll also be bringing in wet umbrellas and muddy boots, so ensure that there is somewhere for them to put their dirty and soggy items, preferably a space which will dry them over night.

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