Holiday home swimming pool

Holiday Home Swimming Pool – is yours ready for the summer season?

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Holiday home swimming poolThe Met Office has recently provided their weather forecast for the coming months and it’s good news. Their three-month prediction shows the UK may be set for above-average temperatures for April, May and June.

Whilst many of us familiar with the inclement nature of the British weather will take this forecast with a pinch of salt, one thing you may enjoy during the summer months is a dip in the swimming pool.

Whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor pool there is a responsibility for holiday homeowners to make sure their swimming pools are safe for guests to use and that all relevant procedures are in place to minimise risks and allow for continued safe usage.

Five things to think about if your holiday home has a swimming pool

Have a risk assessment in place

Whilst there aren’t specific health and safety laws for swimming pools, holiday homeowners must comply with their general duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the associated regulations.

Owners must conduct a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks the pool provides, not only to users and guests but also to anyone working near or with the pool, for example cleaners.

It’s essential the risk assessment be carried out by someone who is able to fully understand the risks associated with the pool and how to implement procedures to maximise the chances of it being used safely and without incident.

Have clear guidelines as to how the pool should be used

Once you have conducted the risk assessment make sure the guidelines for using the pool are clearly displayed.  This information should include the depth of water, restrictions on the age of use and any prohibited activities such as running or dive-bombing.

Whilst this information should be clearly displayed around your pool also think of other opportunities you’ll have to communicate this with your guests, such as in welcome packs and access statements.

Keeping your pool safe

Many accidents associated with swimming pools happen from slips and trips on the side of the pool.  All edges of your swimming pool should be kept free from unnecessary obstructions such as balls, toys or other items to be used in the pool and also covered with a non-slip surface.

Change or filter your water regularly

During the summer months your holiday home swimming pool is likely to be busy and with this increased level of activity should come an increased level of maintenance.  Ensure your pool water is filtered or changed on at least a weekly basis and include this in your swimming pool health and safety procedures.

Keep a record of when the pool water was last changed and make sure that record is kept up to date.

Make sure additives are correctly added

If you use additives specifically designed to prevent the spread of disease ensure this is mixed in to the water of the swimming pool in quantities as recommended by the manufacturer of the additives and that all relevant tests are carried out to ensure the water is safe for swimming.

If you do have a swimming pool at your holiday home property please do make sure our specialist holiday home insurance team are aware of it. You can contact your holiday home specialist by calling 01237 429444.

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