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Loss of Income Insurance

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Are you covered for loss of income?

Loss of income cover -holiday home insurance This can be an exciting time of the year for holiday homeowners. We know it can also be a busy time; taking bookings, preparing properties and making sure you are fully prepared for the first influx of visitors to your holiday home.

So think for a moment.

What would you do if something happened to your property that meant it were out of action for the busiest time of the year?

Would your insurance cover you?

Would you be able to stomach the financial implications of the potential loss of income during those summer months?

It can often be difficult to think about the worst-case scenario, particularly at a time of such optimism, but if you do need to face it then you’ll want to know that you’re holiday home insurance policy includes of loss of income cover.

What is Loss of Income Insurance?

If your holiday home becomes uninhabitable as the result of something outside your control such as flood or fire it can have serious financial consequences.  With the seasonal trends of tourism these consequences can be exacerbated even further should the event happen in the peak or even shoulder months.

At Boshers we want to support you in getting back to your feet as quickly as possible.  As specialists we understand the price you’ll have to pay should you lose trade during the upcoming months and for this reason we include Loss of Income insurance as standard with our Holiday Home Insurance Policy.

This insurance covers you for the potential loss of income you may suffer as a result of disruption or interruption caused by an insured event.

This means that should you lose trade then you’ll not have to pay the price of the loss of trade you suffer through cancellations and periods of not being able to accept bookings.

We also understand that repairs and maintenance after such an event won’t be immediate; that’s why our indemnity period extends to two years.

Check your holiday home insurance policy document

Insurance should be there to support you as and when you need it but it’s vital to ensure you fully understand the cover you have in place and that it’s adequate for your business needs.

The cover provided by insurers varies and you should always read through your policy document and summary of insurance, checking that you have the right cover for your business.

At Boshers we’re specialists at understanding holiday home businesses; our team has in excess of 350 years experience in dealing with them.  It’s this knowledge that makes sure we understand your holiday home inside out, and allows us to be able to identify the cover you need before you need it.

For more information on how a specialist insurer for your holiday home can help please give us a call on 01237 429444.

*For full information on your insurance always check your policy document or speak with your insurance provider.

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