Access Statements

Marketing benefits of having an access statement for your holiday home

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Access Statements

The marketing benefits of having an access statement for your holiday home, letting apartment or holiday cottage complex

A recent House of Lords committee found the country is “woefully under-prepared” for the social and economic challenges presented by an ageing society.

Britain is indeed ageing; by 2030 it’s predicted the City of London will have seen an 83% increase in the population over the age of 65 and for similar rises to have been replicated across the country.

Statistics from VisitEngland also suggest that as many as 1 in 5 people residing in the United Kingdom have some form of disability.

What does this mean to you as a holiday home owner?

A sharper focus has fallen on being able to meet the broadening needs of visitors and for those guests with specific requirements to be able to find the accommodation that best fits their needs.

One of the ways this can be addressed is through the use of an access statement.

These are documents that outline pertinent facts about your property and its facilities in a concise format.  They can cover a multitude of different types of information, from the number of steps in the property to wheelchair access or the width of hall and doorways.

Their aim is to primarily answer whether or not your property is suitable for the needs of individual visitor.

How can having an access statement help the marketing of your holiday home?

1.  Managing visitor expectations by the provision of information

Information is key.  An access statement can give your potential visitors a full understanding of whether or not your property is suitable for their needs.

By providing this information in a single document before arrival they can also play an important role in managing visitor expectations; they know exactly what it is they’re getting before they arrive.

2.  Increase chances of booking and free up time on the phone

If you’re able to communicate that you’re exactly what they want and need it can increase your chances of converting enquiries into bookings, whilst also freeing up time which may have otherwise been spent fielding questions on your facilities.

3.  Stand out from your competitors

Many of your visitors will now be using the internet to directly compare their options.

If your holiday home or cottage is being used as a direct comparison with another competitor you’ll want to ensure that potential visitor knows all you have to offer; your access statement can answer their questions.

Do you need an access statement?

Whilst you’re not obliged to have an access statement to trade as a holiday let it is the minimum requirement for VisitEngland accommodation and visitor attraction quality scheme members.

In a market in which the needs of visitors is continually expanding, developing and evolving the provision of information is becoming increasingly important.

If you have everything your visitor needs you can utilise your access statement as a real marketing tool to go out there and tell them.

More information on how you can put together your access statement is available from VisitEngland

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