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You, Your Holiday Home, Your Holiday Home Insurance and Key Safes


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Security precautions when installing Key Safes at your holiday home. You, your holiday home, your holiday home insurance and key safes Firstly check with your holiday home insurance broker that the use of Key Safes is acceptable. There may be specific warranties that you will need to adhere to in order not to invalidate your holiday home insurance cover.

Key Safes - holiday home secure

The use of a good quality Key Safe to help manage access to your property by guests on arrival is by far the best alternative to leaving a key under the doormat or a nearby flower pot! By taking a few sensible precautions, the use of a Key Safe at your holiday home will enhance your guests holiday experience and make life easier for you and your holiday letting agent.

Guidance for holiday home owners on the use of key safes

  1. Purchase the best quality Key Safe that your budget allows, preferably with a 5 – 7 digit code
  2. Where possible locate your Key Safe out of sight
  3. During installation of your Key Safe ensure that it is bolted firmly into brick or stone, avoiding soft mortar
  4. Arrange with your housekeeper to leave a door key in the Key Safe no more than 24 hours before the guests are due to arrive
  5. Encourage your guests not to leave Keys in the Key Safe during their stay
  6. Have your housekeeper remove the keys from the Key Safe within 24 hours of the guests departure, unless new guests are arriving
  7. Ask your housekeeper to change the 5 -7 digit code between lets, to a new code which you or your agent can inform your next guests of
  8. Do not allow keys to be left permanently in a Key Safe during periods of unoccupancy

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2 replies
  1. Rick Bond
    Rick Bond says:

    Who would of thought you could come up with 8 ways to manage your key safe? However, they are all eminently common sensical suggestions.
    Here’s a 9th:
    To stop late night phonecalls from guests who arrive and find they have forgotten to pack the keycode, we usually set it to the last 4 digits of their mobile – easy to remember and never forgotten!
    It also means you don’t have to worry about losing the scrap of paper on which you carefully wrote the latest code number.
    Anyone got a 10th?

  2. Waterside Breaks
    Waterside Breaks says:

    Some really good ideas, many owners use this option to allow holiday makers flexibility of arrival but I would always suggest to guests to take a torch. So many are in dark ‘out of sight’ places and guests cannot see the numbers yet alone access the keys – very frustrating for all!


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