dog friendly welcome information

Dog friendly welcome information

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dog friendly welcome information

The saying goes that a dog is a man’s best friend. In modern Britain they’re certainly part of the family with almost one in three households having a four legged friend. With so many of us owning a dog you’ll not be surprised to hear that around 40% of guests are seeking pet-friendly holiday home accommodation.

If you currently welcome dogs into your holiday home are you giving their owners all of the information they may need during their stay?

We take a look at what you could be including in your dog friendly welcome information folder, on your website and all communications when it comes to attracting and welcoming dog owners to your holiday home.

Dog-friendly local walks and beaches

You’ll already know that your guests will spend the vast majority of their time outside of your cottage and exploring the local area during their stay. You want them to know the very best spots to take a dog – whether that’s local beaches, local walks or even local dog-friendly attractions and venues so make sure these are listed on your website (to tempt them to book) and in your welcome pack (to ensure they’re able to make the most of the local area during their stay).

Remember that whilst our canine friends never seem to tire us humans do have our endurance limits, so consider offering tips on a range of routes and walks that will suit guests of all levels and ages.

What if it rains!

Just like us, if a dog is housebound for the day due to inclement weather they can get a little restless, which isn’t great news for the owner and definitely won’t be for your holiday home interiors.

Remember to feature things to do and places to go if the heavens open; perhaps there’re local cafes that are perfect for dogs, or undercover local attractions that will welcome them with open arms no matter what the weather.

Local pet shops

What are they going to eat? With so much to pack sometimes things get left behind or simply won’t fit in the car. Just in case the bags of dog food don’t make it to the boot of your guest’s car, make sure you let them know where they can buy food and other essentials.

Raw meats and other dietary options for dogs are becoming increasingly popular so it’s also worth giving them plenty of different options when it comes to pampering their pooch at tea time.

Local vets

Your dog friendly welcome information folder should already prominently feature emergency telephone numbers. When welcoming dogs or other pets these should definitely include the contact information of local vets. We suggest that these numbers are not just confined to the welcome pack itself; consider making them clearly visible so in times of emergency they’re always easy to find.

Dog sitters and walkers

Sometimes your guests may need a little ‘me-time’; to put down the lead, and have a few hours away from their furry friend. For these magical moments they’ll need a little support from the very best local dog sitter or walker. How about making sure their information is always on hand!

More dog-friendly welcome information for your holiday cottage:

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